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Weight Watchers Recipes
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Weight Watchers recipes are delicious, nutritious, and perfect for the whole family to eat. Most “diet” foods are ones you'll eat alone, while your family enjoys something much more… flavorful. Weight Watchers recipes are different because they're already full of flavor, enough so that everyone loves them. Yes, even the kids!

Weight Watchers Recipes

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Weight Watchers Chicken Taco Casserole

This Weight Watchers Chicken Taco Casserole is the #1 recipe on my site, ever! Each serving is 7 PointsPlus. This casserole is absolutely packed with flavor, and your whole family will love it. The best recipes are the ones where you can't even tell that they're Weight Watchers recipes, right? This is that kind of recipe!

Weight Watchers Recipes

Weight Watchers Taco Casserole is actually vegetarian because we used meat crumbles instead of meat. You could use lean beef or chicken instead. This recipe only has 4 SMART Points and 4 PointsPlus per serving. If you're hungry, you can probably ‘afford' two servings… and you'll want them. Delicious!

Weight Watchers Pot Pie Casserole

Weight Watchers Pot Pie Casserole is 8 PointsPlus for a serving. You can use fresh or frozen vegetables, and add your own favorites like asparagus, broccoli, and corn. Weight Watchers is great because you can add veggies without adding points!

Weight Watchers Tortellini Bake

Weight Watchers Tortellini Bake is 10 PointsPlus, but you can reduce the points count by halving the cheese in the recipe. As always, adding veggies is a plus! They're 0 points and add flavor, nutrients, and texture.

Weight Watchers Chicken Tomato Pasta

Weight Watchers Chicken Tomato Pasta has 9 SMART Points per serving. Garlic, onions, and other spices make this dinner a sure crowd pleaser.

Weight Watchers Mac and Cheese

Weight Watchers Mac and Cheese is one of the main recipes I bring to potlucks. Nobody knows it's Weight Watchers unless they ask, so it's perfect for everyone to eat! I load it up with veggies, but you could easily add some lean chicken as well. Each serving is only 6 PointsPlus. Use gluten-free noodles to make it gluten-free.

Weight Watchers Spaghetti Bake

My Weight Watchers Spaghetti Bake has 5 PointsPlus per serving, and this recipe serves 6. Add some veggies for extra crunch and flavor!

Weight Watchers Guacamole

Weight Watchers Creamy Guacamole has 3 PointsPlus per serving. Rachel and Jenelle love avocados, so this is a dip that is made frequently in our house.

Weight Watchers Taco Dip

Another family favorite, this Weight Watchers Taco Dip is high in protein (yay, avocados!) and low in points – only 3 PointsPlus per serving.

Weight Watchers Recipes: Soups

Weight Watchers Black Bean Soup

This delicious Weight Watchers Black Bean Chili only has 2 PointsPlus per serving. Black beans are the only beans I like, so this soup was easy to make and satisfying to eat!

Weight Watchers Zero Point Soup

One of the more well-known recipes is this Weight Watchers Zero Point Soup. I remember my Mom making zero point soup when I was a kid… that's how long it's been around! The magic of zero point soup is that you can add whichever veggies you want and it's still zero points. Bam!

Weight Watchers Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Weight Watchers Broccoli Cheddar Soup is a healthy vegetarian Weight Watchers recipe that's just 3 PointsPlus or 2 SMART Points for one serving. Just like with the other recipes, you can add extra veggies (like carrots!) without adding points.

Weight Watchers Dessert Recipes

Weight Watchers Dessert

Many Weight Watchers desserts, like this Mint Fluff, are low in points. The mint fluff only has 1 PointsPlus per serving, but you also need to calculate what you use to dip into the mint fluff. Sugar free or low fat options are best.

Weight Watchers Apple Bundt Cake

One of my favorite desserts is this Weight Watchers Apple Bundt Cake. It's 7 PointsPlus for a serving, but some things are worth the splurge!

You probably know this already but… Weight Watchers is a lifestyle choice, it's not a diet. Diets are short term; Weight Watchers recipes are sustainable for life. It's easy to follow the plan, and you never feel deprived or hungry. Vegetables are 0 Points, which means they're basically freebies! If you're hungry at night, you can snack on some carrots or zucchini slices. Hummus is very low in points so you can afford those even if you're at your max points for the day.

I have tried Weight Watchers many times, and never used all of my points! The more you weigh, the more points you get. You get to add points in for exercising, too. If you're interested in trying Weight Watchers for free, you can do that, too!

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