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Check out my Weight Watchers Printable Meal Plan and Katie's WW meal plan if you are here for regular WW meal plans. :)

instant pot weight watchers meal plan

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Weight Watchers Instant Pot Printable Meal Plan

This printable meal plan makes staying on track with Weight Watchers SUPER easy. With 21 Instant Pot recipes, you could fill your entire monthly calendar easily. Also, I've added some extra recipes at the bottom of this post!

Weight Loss With Your Instant Pot

I saw a lady featured on the Today Show who lost 100+ pounds by using her Instant Pot. I was inspired! My plan was to recommend the book she wrote, but after reading it, I can't – not because it's not a great book, but because the ingredient lists for most recipes are INSANE! I don't have almond flour, coconut flour, and a bunch of other random stuff sitting in my pantry. Plus, that stuff is expensive. So if you have a gluten allergy or have an extensive chef-like pantry, buy this book right now! If not, keep reading this post to make your own free Weight Watchers Instant Pot meal plan instead.

I have had awesome success with meal planning and my Instant Pot. If you need some extra help, check out Instant Pot for Weight Loss.


Day 1: Chicken Taco Soup (0SP – my FAVORITE recipe so it's kicking off Day 1!)
Day 2: Instant Pot Lo Mein (6SP)
Day 3: Instant Pot Kung Pao Chicken (4SP)
Day 4: Creamy Chicken Pasta (6SP)
Day 5: Chicken & Bean Soup (1SP)
Day 6: Instant Pot Potato and Shrimp Soup (3SP)
Day 7: Weight Watchers Beef Stew (3SP)
Day 8: Spicy Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry (4SP)
Day 9: Macaroni & Cheese (7SP)
Day 10: Weight Watchers Instant Pot Chicken Bowls (3SP)
Day 11: Fiesta Chicken (0SP)
Day 12: Weight Watchers Corn Chowder (1SP)
Day 13: Chicken Zoodle Soup (0SP)
Day 14: Jerk Chicken Soup (0SP)
Day 15: Pineapple Chicken (0SP)
Day 16: Asian Chicken (2SP)
Day 17: Mongolian Chicken (6SP)
Day 18: Butter Chicken (3SP)
Day 19: Skinny Garlic Chicken & Rice (4SP)
Day 20: Spicy Mango Chicken (2SP)
Day 21: Salsa Chicken (0SP)


Appetizers give me life! I will eat appetizers for dinner, honestly. YUM! And, as we know, snacks are the way we make it through the hard days. Fresh fruits and vegetables are always the best option to reach for, but on the hard days, below are a list of recipes that we feel may fit the needs you have for a treat.

Instant Pot Hummus (0SP)
Instant Pot Jalapeno Dip (1SP)
Weight Watchers Bread Pudding (2SP)
Instant Pot Apple Crisp (6SP)
Instant Pot Bundt Cake (4SP)
Instant Pot Apple Butter (0SP)

Finding Weight Watchers Support You Need

All of these great recipes and our printable meal plan make it easier than ever for you to stick to this healthy lifestyle!  Make sure to join all of our support groups on Facebook to really make the most of your time using WW to get healthier. Not only will you find even more healthy recipes, but a unique support team of people who are following the same diet program as you.  This results in a way to get the support you need to stick to the program.

Make sure to check out and grab our printable shopping lists below to make it easy when you are in store to grab the best WW FreeStyle friendly foods and snacks!

Weight Watchers Walmart Shopping List

Weight Watchers Target Shopping List

Weight Watchers Aldi Shopping List

Weight Watchers Trader Joe's Shopping List

P.S. Don't forget to check out Instant Pot for Weight Loss!

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