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How to Do Weight Watchers for FREE

how to do weight watchers for free
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Weight Watchers is a great program because it's not really a diet – you don't limit any specific food intake, you just watch your portions and count points. Doing Weight Watchers for FREE is even better. Free Weight Watchers saves me time (no meetings!) and money. The old program is called Momentum, while the newer program is called PointsPlus. Pick one program and stick with it. Do not try to mix the two. If you're not sure where to start, try Weight Watchers Simple Start first. View the official Weight Watchers site for more information on their program.

Be sure to check out the Ultimate Weight Watchers Recipes Collection – it's a FREE resource with TONS of WW recipes!

Weight Watchers for FREE

Weight Watchers is very basic. First, find out how many points you get. Second, calculate how many points each food is that you eat. Drink water and exercise. Easy peasy.

I'm starting PointsPlus this week just to see how I do with it. Limiting and counting calories can get boring, plus I hit a plateau, so it's time to switch it up a bit.

The PointsPlus program's focus is on “Power Foods”. This is basically the same as Filling Foods and the CORE Foods. Think lean proteins, fruits/veggies, healthy whole grains, healthy fats, WHOLE FOODS, not processed, etc. (Source)

The biggest (and best) change for me, from Momentum to PointsPlus is:

ALL Fruits & vegetables are now 0 points (except starchy vegetables and avocado)!

As a vegetarian, that's a HUGE deal to me. That means I get even more food! :) Below are some frequently asked questions, and all the details you'll need to get started on Weight Watchers for free!

On regular Weight Watchers, you get 35 EXTRA WEEKLY points.. to use whenever, where ever! Thats right, you get an extra 35 points to spread out through the week. Use it for the business lunch you have to attend, for your birthday, anniversary, or whatever. Be sure you track these so you don't go OVER. If you're doing PointsPlus, you get 49!

Activity Tracker

Important Tip: Be sure to eat ALL of your points for the day! You have that many points for a reason. Make healthy food choices, get lots of exercise in, and drink your water.

how to do weight watchers for free

How do I know how many PointsPlus I get each day?

Simple: Use this PointsPlus Calculator. I get 43 points (245 pounds, 6'2″, 28 years old). Note: This number will go down as you lose weight, so recalculate often.

How do I know how many PointsPlus a food is?

Easy peasy. Use the PointsPlus Food Calculator.

Important Tip: Always eat breakfast!

Good Health Guidelines

The Cheat Sheet I found says a good guideline is:

  • 5 servings of fruits & veggies
  • 2 servings of milk products
  • 6 glasses of “liquids”
  • 2 tsp healthy oils
  • 1-2 servings of lean protein
  • 1 multivitamin a day
  • Choose Whole Grains when possible
  • At least 30 minutes of activity a day most days of the week
  • Limit sugar and alcohol

    Limiting alcohol is easy for me (I don't drink), but sugar? Ugh. I always forget to take my multivitamin, too. If you write down the list above, stick it on your refrigerator so you will know what you should do. I also recommend 8 glasses of water, not “6 glasses of liquids”.

    Important Tip: Drink at LEAST 8 glasses of water each day.

    How do I calculate PointsPlus on the go?

    There's an app for that! Just search “Points Calculator” or “Weight Watchers” in iTunes. The newer app is $.99 I believe, but totally worth it!

    Important Tip: Get off your butt! Exercise for 30 minutes a day.

    How do I keep track of it all?

    Get a small notebook and use it as a food journal. Write down everything you eat and drink.

    Important Tip: Log it all!

    What about Exercise?

    Exercise is SO important! If you don't have the time/energy/whatever to get to the gym, simply walking a few miles each day is a great start. The majority of my exercise is simply walking. Check out these must-have apps for walkers/joggers before you hit the pavement!

    Important Tip: Use the resources you have available to you to make sticking with the plan much easier.

    You can do Weight Watchers for free in the comfort of your own home, and join ME in losing weight!

    you brew my tea weight watchers

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    Be sure to check out the Ultimate Weight Watchers Recipes Collection – it's a FREE resource with TONS of WW recipes!

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    1. I really enjoy this, as I am really wanting to start Weight Watchers but I’m very short on $$. So I am hoping to be able to go on this change of life with you, and maybe we will be able to get slimmer on the way. I am not sure how to get your posts daily, so please advise!

      1. I don’t see the comment anymore but someone earlier had pointed me towards a meal plan service that plans your meals for you for $1/month with Points Plus values. So I have been doing this awesome free Weight Watchers thanks to SlapDash mom and am using the meal plan service for about a month and have lost 15 pounds.. Yeah!!! The meal plan service is Shrinking On A Budget Meal Plan. But you really don’t even have to do that. You can just use this program Slap Dash has told us about and just hunt recipes and points plus values.. Very cool ! Thanks!

    2. I have been wanting to start weight watchers but didn’t know if I would stick with the weekly visits. I do however like that u can eat whatever, just count ur points. Thanks for this site with all the recipes, calculators, etc. Hopefully I will finally get this extra 30 lbs. off.

    3. You. Are. Awesome!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I have been thinking about joining WW but do not have the extra money. This is so helpful!! Thanks so much for sharing!

      1. Hi. Do you know of a website that lists we points plus values for Sushi rolls? All I saw listed on the generic foods list was a few types of sushi, but not specific rolls. TIA!! :-)

    4. I took notice that you stated you get 35 extra points to use during the week. Its actually 49 extra points to use through out the week along with your points you calculate for daily use. I have been doing weight watchers for almost a year. I had to stop because my husband lost his job. I would love to do this with you.

    5. This is great information. Even if you don’t stick with the plan, you come away knowing more about what you eat and how to value food. I have to get back to something, so this may be that thing. Thanks for posting it again today.

    6. This is great, as I can’t really afford to do WW online and don’t like going to the meetings. I have about 50lbs of baby weight to get off (which is bad since my “babies” are 5 1/2 and almost 4)! I have trouble staying motivated to do all the WORK that it takes–using a food journal, logging all my points info, etc. I know, I know…I’m LAZY!! Which is another problem–not wanting to exercise! I’m up and down all day long (I swear, I run up and down the stairs in my house at least 25 times a day) but I don’t do anything structured. I have Fibromyalgia and some other medical issues that completely ZAP my energy, so if I don’t HAVE to be up, I’m not. But I know that’s not good for me. Maybe with this I can get through it…LET’S HOPE!

    7. The calorie count I aim for is under 1300 for the whole day and exercise. This is something that has been hard to get down to, but along with the exercising and gauging my low and high times for blood sugar, I finally got this part.

      I’d still like to make sure I am adding more fruits. I do eat beef, chicken, and fish, but not pork. I need it for lean muscle mass as I know when I lose weight, all the hard work I’ve done with major weight lifting will finally become more balanced.

      I know a lot of people who do WW and some have done well on it. It is a matter of dedicated.

    8. I was super excited to find this entry of yours. I’ve done WW in the past, and it was successful. I want to jump back on board but cannot afford the costs of meetings and resources. I clicked on the link you provided for the PointsPlus food calculator. I’m slightly confused. Shouldn’t there be a field for calories?

    9. You can disregard my post. I mistakenly assumed the newest WW program would include calories in their point calculation. I am dumbfounded by this new approach, and I have decided the new WW program is not the way to go.

      1. The flexibility of the new program is amazing. :) If you don’t at least try it, you’re definitely missing out. You can always do the old way… but the new program is great and I recommend it 100%.

    10. The calculator that gives you your points doesn’t seem to change when I change my weight. ? I’ve dropped the weight by 20lbs and it hasn’t changed my points. ?

      1. Put in that you’ve dropped another 20 and see if it changes? I’m not sure what the benchmarks are.

    11. Would love to join this with you I lost 99 lbs on ww I have most of my stuff for winning points do need to know my daily is 24 what’s is the Amt of extra PTA per ek? Thinks its 30 does anyone know plus great website out there that has the way to calculate points from ingredients will share later

      1. what is the website where u can calculate pts from ingredients. i know WW has 1 but i dont pay to play. thanks

    12. Leanne Dupont – I just wanted to leave you a note of encouragement! A friend of my co-worker also has fibromyalgia and she has been off of all of her medications for a few years now. They started out walking together only for half a mile, but now they work out at the gym nearly every day.

    13. I have my mom’s old Weight Watchers Points Plus stuff and it says you get an extra 49 points a week. Has anyone else heard that?

      1. You can do the old plan but the new points system is a bit different and seems more effective.

        1. Actually most people who have done both old points and new points plus lose weight better on the old points plan.

          1. Hmm, I didn’t see that statistic at any of my meetings – everyone was on the new points and doing well! Interesting, though.

    14. Lori. I know that there is not a spot for calories but calories are still counted by ww. For instance there are 9 calories in a gram of fat. Inputting just the fat, fiber, sugar etc just makes it easier and all the calorie calculations are done behind the scenes.

    15. Thank you for this!! My niece is paying for weight watchers and lost 30lbs without exercising (unhealthy I know) but she is looking good. I have wanted to try it but no money… You are a lifesaver.. literally! I will try this out. I do have to say that it says whole grain but remember when getting bread if it says “multi grain” it isn’t that good for you.. oh and check the ugar in breads a lot of “generic” bread companies love shoveling sugar in their loaves! I also learned from taking a class that if you plateau, to switch up your routine because our bodies can get used to the old boring routine.. :)

      1. yes you do get points for exercise! it depends on your weight, duration, and intensity. for example 258 pounds, 60 min, low intensity = 5 points, moderate=7 points, high= 18 points

    16. I have a question. i did the calculator and it said my daily points was 71. i am 28, 216lbs and 4’11. Do i use 71 points to eat, or what do i do with that number? thanks for the blog.

      1. something must be off, you get 31 points female and 43 points male at that weight, age, height. That is how many points you get per day to spend on food. hope that helps!

    17. after target weight is obtained, what is the maintenance of this program? I was unable to keep on with atkins diet during my pregnancy, couldn’t exercise because of high risk and gained allot of weight back… prior to that, I had lost 95 pnds on atkins in 9 months… started eating carbs but didn’t go overboard. and didn’t gain weight until pregnancy… that was 3 yrs later… but now I just ain’t getting anywhere with the low carb diet, so… is WW a llifestyle change or is the maintenance lenient?

      1. WW is a lifestyle change – anything that will keep the weight off is a lifestyle change. You eat points based on your weight, no matter what that number might be. :)

    18. Research shows that people who attend Weight Watchers meetings lose 8x’s more than those who try it on their own…. It’s soooooo worth spending the money to become a lifetime member! Then you can go to meetings for free?

      1. Research from those that benefit from us paying for Weight Watchers meetings. ;) However, not everyone can afford the meetings. That is why I love having options like this.

    19. Thank you for all the work you put into this site. I’ve wanted to join WW, but with 2 kids in college, I can’t. You’ve answered my prayers with this site. I downloaded the app and am ready to go! Thank you!

    20. Hi guys! I think this website is great. I am doing WW and love it so far! Just wanted to add that you get 49 extra points a week not 35 like it says above. You also get points for exercise too depending on your weight and if its a light, moderate, or heavy workout. For example if you weigh 258 pounds and you do a light workout for 60 minutes you get 5 points plus, moderate 7 points, and high 18 points. i never use my workout points, i think of them more as a buffer. good luck!

    21. You get 49 extra points, not 35.
      It makes me wonder how correct this poster is on the rest of her post.

      1. You get 49 if following PointsPlus, which is clearly stated IN the post.

        Makes me wonder where this person learned to read.

        1. HAHAHAHAHA, that’s what i have been saying all along with some of the responses.. love the site, had done WW in the past but no money now. I seemed to gain but doing it alone have lost 20 lbs since middle of may. i drug out my WW stuff but wasnt sure how many points i needed per day. ty much for the calculator.

    22. Just a heads up that WW is free after you reach your goal weight. But alas it’s still about the short income. I did WW when I was 10 and lost 100 pounds. Now I’m starting up after having two kids. I need a good kick in the butt to drop some weight. :) Love WW!

    23. I have gone to weight watchers years ago and know that it works but can no longer afford the meetings. Starting TODAY!

    24. I have been a Weight Watcher since 1980 at that time became lifetime…you know how it goes over the years off and on but I always go back to my Weight Watchers. We track points and on Pinterest so many WW sights to look at with points calculated. Love the ones that give the old and new. I have a digital point calculator I think it was the last one out and you calculate protien also. Sept. 1 hubby was 233 and now Dec. 8, 210. I was 138 now 126 so we have come down we survived Thanksgiving so the big challenge is Christmas but when I look in the mirror really makes it easy to live the WW lifestyle. So we do not attend the meetings $$$$ retired and fixed income so we really appreciate what ever help we have found and I am on Pinterest and have a few dedicated pages on there to WW…so good luck all

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