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You have this friend (or yourself, ehem) who is absolutely in love with their Instant Pot. That is totally understandable, because seriously I don't know anyone who can live WITHOUT an Instant Pot after cooking with one! Insert: Gift Ideas for Instant Pot Lovers. Your friend will be so happy you thought of them, and their significant other favorite cooking appliance by buying them one of these gifts!

Best Instant Pot Gift Ideas

I use my Instant Pot at least a few times a week. Some people use theirs daily. If you're looking for Instant Pot recipes, my favorites are: Instant Pot Crack Chicken (great for potlucks!), Instant Pot Lo Mein, and of course I can't live without the Best Instant Pot Mac and Cheese!

Gift Ideas for Instant Pot Lovers

If they're a really great friend and they don't have an Instant Pot yet, obviously you should definitely buy them one! ;) It's going to cost you around $70, so you won't be handing these out like candy at Halloween by any means, but it's an investment in your friendship… trust me.

instant pot decals

When I came across this Breaking Bad Instant Pot Decal, I bought it right away. There are so many cool decal options, it's going to be tough to pick just one! I love giving personalized, hand-crafted gifts, so Instant Pot Decals are a smart choice! “Hey Girl” and “Cook all the things!” came in as my close second and third option.

instant pot gift ideas

Never thought I'd see the day where there's an adorable “I Love My Instant Pot” fridge magnet selling on Etsy, but here we are! Other super cheap options for gifts include these Instant Pot Stickers (for planners), and this Instant Pot Stencil, which would be super cute for a Mom or Grandma to use for recipe cards to pass on to her kids!

Instant Pot Covers

Custom Instant Pot Covers are more affordable than you might think, and are a nice way to personalize a gift without having to know exactly what the person would want. What do I mean by that? Well, you could buy someone the Breaking Bad decal from above, but do they really want that permanently on their Instant Pot? Maybe not. If you buy a customized cover with your friend's initial on it, it's neutral and safer, but still personalized. BINGO. I love these Monogrammed Covers and Crochet Owl Covers.

There are many Instant Pot Accessories that would make great gifts, too!


Best Instant Pot Gift Ideas

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring one of my Instant Pot items in your gift guide! Your readers can use the code SLAPDASH to receive 10% off my Onstant Pot items and ornaments until Dec 1, 2017.

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