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The question I'm asked most frequently when I tell people I cook chicken breasts in the Air Fryer is, “but are they dry?” — and the answer is no, they're actually moist! You can mix it up with different seasonings to keep it interesting! Chicken breast is one of the 200+ zero point foods on the Weight Watchers Freestyle plan, so of course it's a staple in my home.

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I'll be honest, chicken in the air fryer isn't the fall apart kind you get from the Instant Pot, but it's still perfect for salad, sandwiches, or even eating plain. I like to make chicken salad with mine, with some mustard, cayenne pepper, and pickles. It's an easy 0 point lunch or dinner that is filling, flavorful, and high in protein – plus, it's easy to make!

chicken breast air fryer

Perfect for salads, meal prepping, and more!

  • 1-2 chicken breast
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Garlic Powder
  1. Place chicken breast in a ziploc bag and pound to same thickness
  2. Set air fryer to 400 degrees and season both sides of chicken
  3. Place chicken in fryer basket and cook for 7 minutes
  4. Flip chicken and cook another 4 minutes

Weight Watchers is such a simple way of life, it's amazing to see the transformations women and men of all ages make by following such a delicious “diet”. You won't fall off the wagon with Weight Watchers as easily as you may have with other diets because you can eat pretty much anything you want, within moderation. So you don't have to restrict all your carbs, or avoid fruit (I'd NEVER follow a diet that forbids fruit), etc… you literally eat what you want and make sure it fits within your point allotment for the day. There are even low point desserts!

If you're looking to get started with Weight Watchers or just want some encouragement, please join my FREE support group on Facebook. We are not officially associated with Weight Watchers but we all follow their eating plans and love the results we are getting!


Air Fryer Chicken Breast

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