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These 2 ingredient pancakes are ALL the rage in my Weight Watchers group!

Have you started the Weight Watchers Freestyle program yet? If so, I hope you're loving it as much as I am! I lost 50 pounds and am on my way to losing another 50, by eating delicious food like these 2 Ingredient Pancakes. I love this program so much, because there's no “you can't eat that”… you can eat whatever you want, within moderation, as long as you track it! If you're struggling to stay within your daily points, check out the Zero Point food list.

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weight watchers 2 ingredient pancakes

2 Ingredient Weight Watchers Pancake Recipe

Read the NOTES below BEFORE beginning this recipe. :)


1 ripe banana
2 eggs
optional: vanilla & cinnamon

2 Ingredient Weight Watchers Pancakes


Mash a ripe banana in a bowl. Whisk in two beaten eggs.

weight watchers pancakes

(These pancakes have a little PB2 and cinnamon added to the batter.)

Spray non-stick griddle with Pam cooking spray. Drop onto hot non-stick griddle by heaping tablespoon.

Makes about 12 “dollar-size” pancakes for zero points.

No syrup needed!!

2 ingredient weight watchers pancake recipe

Add 2 Tablespoons flour to make it a waffle mix.


Put a pinch of baking powder in the mix for a little extra puffiness.

1/4 cup of sugar free syrup is 1 pt.

These recipe photos were submitted by Janice, Diane, Laurie, Becky, and Amie. THANK YOU! If you'd like your recipe featured, post it in my group!!

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2 Ingredient Weight Watchers Pancakes

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  1. Hi, your recipes look great and as a fellow weight watcher, I’m always looking for something new to try. I would like to point out however that I’m a little skeptical in believing these are all your recipes you’ve personally made. You see, the pancakes on the red plate with the fresh blueberries is actually MY photo of a recipe I created and shared on a WW Facebook group that was talking about low point pancake recipes. I came across your use of my photo while scrolling through Pinterest looking for more WW friendly recipes. I at first thought it was funny and felt proud that someone liked my photo enough to use it but then was a bit upset that it was being used to show 2 ingredient pancakes, which this recipe is not, low point yes, 2 points for about 10 silver dollar size pancakes but they have more to them than bananas and eggs. I use Pinterest based on what looks good and hope that when I make that recipe, it will at least resemble the photo attached to it, I’ve made 2 ingredient pancakes and they don’t look as good as the ones I made on the red plate. I guess you can call it false advertisement. Again, I don’t mind the photo wa used, just wish it represented the actual recipe used to make them. They really were delicious and a bit better than the 2 ingredient recipe! Thanks for liking my photo!!

    1. If you read the post, you’ll see this:

      “These recipe photos were submitted by Janice, Diane, Laurie, Becky, and Amie. THANK YOU! If you’d like your recipe featured, post it in my group!!”

      I personally asked for photos from this recipe in the group and the photos were submitted, specifically for the purpose of using them in this blog post.

      Please read before trying to “call someone out”. It’s rude not to.

  2. Hi, I’ve been looking for a low point pancake recipe like this; however I have a food allergy (to banana!) and I was wondering if you had any suggestions for substitutions to the banana portion of the pancake :)…thanks!

  3. These pancakes are so good. I eat them with unsweetened applesauce….great breakfast!!

  4. I just got an air fryer and haven’t used it yet. I want to make weight watcher friendly eggplant parmigiana any ideas of what I need to do and ingriedients. Thank you 😊

  5. Made waffles with Dash mini waffle maker. Made 5 waffles. Delicious but not as crispy as I wanted. Popped into toaster oven for a few minutes, added fresh blueberry jam. A1!!!!

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