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If you're part of my group, you may have seen people asking what to eat at Olive Garden on Weight Watchers. I love the freedom we have with WW – we can eat whatever we want, within reason, but we still need to be mindful of the amount we are eating or we are going to gain weight. Especially when it comes to carbs, I try to be more careful because they make me gain weight fast!

{The dish pictured above is 50SP! Make better choices by being prepared and tracking your options ahead of time.}

NOTE: The point values in this post are from the Weight Watchers app. I noticed salmon was 2SP and 7SP. Chicken Parm was 16SP and 32SP. That's a huge discrepancy so I recommend using this page for Olive Garden nutritional info and calculating the points yourself to be safe!

Weight Watchers Olive Garden Survival Guide

Kevin and I split meals no matter where we go to eat, and the amount of Freestyle SmartPoints in the pasta dishes at Olive Garden are a perfect example of why. I love pasta and he loves bread. We know our triggers so Olive Garden is a once a year treat.


Olive Garden has lower calorie/point options for dressing upon request.

You can also order dressing on the side to save a point or two. It all depends on how low point you need your meal to be!

Grilled chicken and shrimp are both 0SP.

Skip the pasta and use grilled veggies instead.

Weight Watchers Options at Olive Garden

Breadsticks are 4SP each, and totally worth it for me to eat one or two. The problem is, I want to eat it with Alfredo dip (20SP!). So for me, avoiding breadsticks is a good idea. If you can handle just eating one, indulge… enjoy.

Weight Watchers Friendly Soups at Olive Garden

Minestrone Soup (1SP)
Pasta e Fagioli Soup (2SP)
Stellini Soup (6SP)
Chicken Gnocchi Soup (8SP)
Zuppa Toscana Soup (8SP)

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Weight Watchers Pasta Dishes at Olive Garden

Spaghetti With Meat Sauce Mini Pasta Bowl – lunch (11SP)
Shrimp Scampi Mini Pasta Bowl – lunch (12SP)
Tortellini Al Forno Mini Pasta Bowl – lunch (16SP)
Mac & Cheese Bowl – lunch (19SP)

Olive Garden Weight Watchers Options

There aren't a whole lot of low point options at Olive Garden, but don't forget you have Weeklies you can dip into for times like these. ;)

Grilled Salmon (The app says 2SP and 7SP so not sure)
Salad (4SP – Only 2SP if you ask for low-fat Italian dressing)
Breadsticks (4SP)
Garlic Mashed Potatoes (5SP)
Chicken Piccata – lunch (8SP)
Chicken Margherita – dinner (9SP)
Traditional Meat Sauce – just the sauce (11SP)
Chicken Giardino – dinner (13SP)

What NOT to Eat at Olive Garden

I wouldn't normally include high point items on a list like this but it's important to realize that “guesstimating” is a bad idea when it comes to Weight Watchers. Chicken Alfredo seems innocent enough, right? I mean the Chicken Margherita is only 9SP so how much more would the Alfredo be? I'll be safe and overestimate it at 20 points. Then I look on my app later and see it's FIFTY FREAKING POINTS! I could have had 10 breadsticks AND Chicken Margherita for that same amount of points LOL. I mean, I wouldn't eat ten breadsticks but still… the importance of tracking every bite and avoiding guesswork is shown very clearly here.

Grilled Chicken Parmigiana – dinner (32SP)
Chicken and Shrimp Carbonara (49SP)
Classic Chicken Alfredo – dinner (50SP)
Five Cheese Ziti – my favorite (45SP)

Now if you're splitting a meal with someone, it's “only” 25SP for that Alfredo, but 25 points for HALF of a meal is not worth it to me! Eating at Olive Garden on Weight Watchers is all about knowing how many points you have and calculating them ahead of time so you don't end up accidentally eating at 70 point lunch!

Weight Watchers Olive Garden Guide

Best Olive Garden Options for Weight Watchers

Personally, I haven't eaten at Olive Garden in a long time because I want ALL the pasta and ALL the breadsticks… but I do feel this restaurant is worth the splurge on points once in a while!

Take note: Lunch time is your best bet – to save on points and money! Whether it's a lunch portion or a dinner portion can drastically change the point value.

Put together your own meal: Order plain grilled chicken (0SP) and a kid's portion of spaghetti (6SP). Eat salad (4SP) and a breadstick (4SP), and you're at about 15SP for your entire meal.

You could also turn the salad into more of a meal by adding Shrimp Fritta (4SP), Saut̩ed Shrimp (0SP Рask for no oil/butter), or Grilled Chicken (0SP) to it. Eat with soup (8SP or less) and you've got a satisfying lunch or dinner for 12SP or less.

Remember, if you split your meal with a friend, you can cut these amounts in half.

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