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Weight Watchers Friendly Texas Roadhouse Guide

Eating at Texas Roadhouse on Weight Watchers

BBQ Chicken GrilledTexas Roadhouse BBQ Chicken
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Eating at Texas Roadhouse while following Weight Watchers doesn't have to break the (SmartPoints) bank! Check out these low point options and leave a comment with your favorites.

Weight Watchers Friendly Texas Roadhouse Guide

All of these options are 15 Freestyle SmartPoints or less at Texas Roadhouse. You can order plain grilled chicken or plain grilled shrimp, no oil/butter, for 0 FSP.

Low Point Options at Texas Roadhouse

Grilled BBQ Chicken (2 FSP)

5oz Grilled Salmon (3 FSP)

5oz Dallas Fillet (4 FSP)

Loaded Potato Soup, cup (6 FSP)

Grilled BBQ Chicken with Sirloin (6 FSP)

11oz Sirloin (7 FSP)

California Grilled Chicken (10 FSP)

8oz Sirloin With Grilled Shrimp (11 FSP)

Roadhouse 6oz Filet & Grilled Shrimp (11 FSP)

Chicken Critters (12 FSP)

Fried Catfish (15 FSP)

Points Values for Kids Meals at Texas Roadhouse

Kids Grilled Chicken (0 FSP)

Lil Dillo' Steak Bites (3 FSP)

Andy's Steak (4 FSP)

Kids Steak Fries (7 FSP)

Chicken Critter Basket (8 FSP)

Items to Avoid at Texas Roadhouse

Remember to pre-track whenever possible. Seasoned rice is 12 FSP, but if we “guesstimated”, we'd probably expect it to be more like 6-10 FSP because rice is usually 4-6 FSP. Guesstimating is okay if that's the only option you have, but we have so many resources at our fingertips there's no reason to skip pre-tracking. You can even pre-track after you arrive at Texas Roadhouse and before you order. Don't make excuses, make it happen and get the results you're wanting.

Fish & Chips with Fries (32 FSP)

Country Fried Sirloin (35 FSP)

Bacon Cheeseburger (37 FSP)

Bone-In Ribeye, no sides (43 FSP)

Cactus Blossom (57 FSP)

Texas Roadhouse Weight Watchers Swaps

These quick swaps save tons of points! You don't have to sacrifice flavor just because you're cutting points with Weight Watchers.

Save 10 points by swapping Chicken Critters (12 FSP) for BBQ Chicken (2 FSP)

Save 14 points by swapping Beef Tips With Mashed Potatoes (32 FSP) for California Grilled Chicken (10 FSP) and Mashed Potatoes (8 FSP)

Save 15 points by swapping your Loaded Baked Potato (23 FSP) for Mashed Potatoes (8 FSP)

Save 21 points by swapping Steak Kabobs over Seasoned Rice (33 FSP) for Shrimp over Seasoned Rice (12 FSP)

Save 21 points by swapping Tater Skins (34 FSP) for Baked Potato (13 FSP)

Low Point Meal Ideas at Texas Roadhouse

You can always ask for your sides with no butter/oil, and skip the dressing on the salad (or bring your own) for even lower point values. Here are some swaps to save you points!

9 Freestyle SmartPoints: Roll (4 FSP) + BBQ Chicken (2 FSP) + Sautéed Mushrooms (3 FSP) + Corn, no butter (0 FSP)

11 Freestyle SmartPoints: BBQ Chicken (2 FSP) + Roll (4 FSP) + Green Beans (2 FSP) + Fresh Veggies (3 FSP)

11 Freestyle SmartPoints: 5oz Grilled Salmon (3 FSP) + Roll (4 FSP) + Buttered Corn (2 FSP) + Green Beans (2 FSP)

13 Freestyle SmartPoints: 5oz Grilled Salmon (3 FSP) + Mashed Potatoes (8 FSP) + Buttered Corn (2 FSP)

16 Freestyle SmartPoints: 5oz Dallas Fillet (4 FSP) + Seasoned Rice (12 FSP) + Corn, no butter (0 FSP)


Texas Roadhouse Weight Watchers Friendly Guide

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