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Halloween is our favorite time of year, by far. It literally tops all of the other holidays combined, which is probably why we spent way too much on decorating our yard this year. Worth it.

halloween decorations front yard

We aren't having an official Halloween party this year, but we're still going to make a few little treats… starting with Bloody Band-Aids

Bloody Band-Aids: Last Minute Halloween Snack

Bloody Band-Aids: Last Minute Halloween Snack


Wafer Cookies (the lighter colored ones, not the orange ones)
Seedless Strawberry or Raspberry Jam
White Frosting

Utensils Needed:

Butter Knife
Squeezable Bottle


Bloody Band-Aids: Last Minute Halloween Snack

Lay your cookies out so it’s easier to do one after another.

Bloody Band-Aids: Last Minute Halloween Snack

Using your white frosting (I got the kind in a squeezable tube, MUCH easier), make a square and fill it in right in the middle of each wafer cookie.

Using a butter knife or other flat utensil, lightly fix any holes or inconsistencies in the frosting. Allow the frosting to settle a minute or two as it will often flatten out and fix itself if it doesn’t look perfect.

Bloody Band Aid Wafer Cookies

Using a squeeze bottle (if don’t have one, a dropper or even a straw will work as well), place a bit of your jam in the bottle (you won’t need a lot) and then squeeze a dab right in the middle of the white frosting patches. Be careful to not leave a point at the end of the jam because it WILL look like a boob….just saying. Learned that the hardd way.

Bloody Band Aid Wafer Cookies

Allow the jam to sit for a minute so it looks a little crusty and even more disgusting. As if eating bloody Band-Aids isn't gross enough. ;)

Bloody Band Aid Cookies
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  1. I reflexively looked away … great idea for a Halloween treat!

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