500+ School Lunch Ideas

When it comes to packing school lunches, a little creativity is needed or your kids will get bored and may end up trading a bag of carrots for a handful of M&Ms. EEK! The list below will help you with school lunch ideas. They're not all vegetarian, even though that's all WE will be using, because I know a lot of Slap Dash Mom readers are ... gasp... carnivores. :) So, enjoy this list - meat and all - for helping you with delicious and nutritious school lunch ideas. I love that I was able to find vegetarian, vegan, and even allergy-free lunch ideas! Feel free to add your own to the comments.

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school lunch ideas

500+ School Lunch Ideas

Healthy Lunch, Italian Style (pictured above)

Vegan Lunch Box Ideas from PETA

10 Sandwiches to Spice Up Back 2 School Lunch

REAL Food for School Lunches (LOTS of ideas!)

Printable Food Tags + Lunch Ideas (pictured above)

An Entire Site Dedicated to Vegan Lunches

10 Healthy Brown Bag Lunch Tips

AWESOME School Lunch Ideas (Smoothies, Peanut Butter Balls & More!!)

Baked Corn Dog Muffins

25 Vegetarian Lunches

Cute and Healthy Lunch Box Recipes from Disney Family

Smart Lunch Solutions + Lunch Ideas (pictured above)

Vegetarian + Vegan Lunch Box Ideas

Easter Egg Mini-Lunch (This is cute, I could see sending my kids to school with it!)

LOTS of Lunch Box Ideas (Homemade Lunchables + More!)

7 Vegetarian Lunch Box Recipes

170+ Lunch Box Ideas with Photos (pictured above)

10 Snack Mix Recipes from Cooking Light

Apple Pie Sandwiches

10 GREAT Thermos Lunch Ideas

Cute Sandwich Shapes (pictured above)

Dozens of Healthy Lunch Box Additions

Many School Lunch Ideas (GREAT site!)

365 Bento Ideas!!

Allergy-Free Lunch Box Ideas (SUPER helpful!)

Collection of School Lunch Ideas

Vegetarian School Lunch Ideas

DELICIOUS Looking Lunch Box Meals

List of Lunch Box Ideas by Category (LOVE!)

10 Ways to Switch Up Your Kid's Lunch

Muffin Tin Lunch Ideas

MORE Vegetarian Lunch Ideas


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    I’m bookmarking this! With 2 kids in school with differing ideas on what constitutes as good food, this will come in VERY handy! Thanks, Sadie!
    Melody recently posted..OpinionsMy Profile

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    I love all the different ideas! Kids love creative ideas and it’s a great way to keep them interested and wondering what you might pack next!
    Amanda Seibert recently posted..100+ Autism ResourcesMy Profile


  1. […] As you know, we are vegetarians – and Sapphire is allergic to fresh fruit! :( It’s so hard for her because she loves fruit! Her allergy is caused by the pollen spores (and other things she’s allergic to – grass, weeds, trees, etc) “contaminating” the fruit. Her allergies aren’t affected if she eats the Del Monte fruit cups, though! So instead of getting an itchy throat and broken out face, she gets to enjoy real fruit, in a convenient little cup. These cups are perfect to send in school lunches, and would work well with my 500+ Lunch Ideas. […]

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