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Eat at El Pollo Loco with 2 Weight Watchers Points Left

I made my own VERY Filling Dinner at El Pollo Loco with just 2 WW Points!

El Pollo Loco 1 WW Point DinnerEl Pollo Loco 1 WW Point Dinner
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I am relatively new to this Weight Watchers thing so I am still having to work hard to make sure I stay on Point – no Pun!! The other night I was out with my husband and he wanted dinner at El Pollo Loco. I admit, it is one of my favorite fast food places, but probably more healthy if you go without the mac and cheese! Anyway, I checked my WW app only to find I had two points left. In a situation like this, I would normally finish my day with a few eggs, sliced tomatoes and a plate of beans. However, my husband was already pulling into the restaurant and we were both pretty starving.

So, what did I do? I remained calm and ordered as follows:

One White meat, skinless chicken breast (zero points)
One side of steamed broccoli (zero points)
One side of pinto beans (1 point)

El Pollo Loco 1 WW Point Dinner
El Pollo Loco 1 WW Point Dinner

I pulled the chicken off the bone and cut it into pieces. Then I dumped the beans and broccoli all over the top and piled on all the salsa (1 point), onion and cilantro toppings the plate could handle. I squeezed a bit of lemon over for some added flavor and took my first bite. Man was it delicious. And, it was so filling, I could not finish the entire plate, so I took it home and enjoyed the rest later. I knew I was on to something and I wanted to share it with you too.

Oh and I had an iced tea to drink so no points there!

If you are anything like me, when I am out in the world and I get really hungry, I have been known to panic. I kinda see red sometimes and tend to eat the first thing that comes my way. Not anymore. I really, really enjoyed this meal and I hope one day, when you are out and about and you see that El Pollo Loco sign, it will help you too :)

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