Easy Superhero Costumes to Make Every Day Super!

Easy Superhero Halloween Costumes
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Halloween is my favorite holiday ever! If you've followed my blog for any amount of time, though, you already know that. I write about Halloween costumes a lot. These easy superhero costumes are no different. Are you ready to be amazed? There's SO much talent out there – from creating the costumes to inspiring you to create your own, I'm just blown away.

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Easy Superhero Costumes

Who's your favorite superhero? Is it Batman, or maybe Captain America? Mine is Thor (because helllooooo Chris Hemsworth)! These easy superhero Halloween costumes will have your kids excited about dressing up for Halloween (or just to play around the house afterwards!)

Easy Superhero Halloween Costumes

Batman Halloween Costume

Batman costumes have and always will be a hit among young boys (and now girls!) for Halloween. The masked Superhero is a comic legend and movie star! While Batman isn't MY personal favorite, I know he's super popular, especially for Halloween. A Batman Costume would be perfect this Halloween for any Batman fan! Buy a full Batman costume if you don't have time to make your own. There are many options.

Batman Costume Headband
Etsy: SofiasBeautyCloset

Accessory options include: Batman's grappling hook, wrist cuffs, headband, and of course Batman's signature mask (you can print at home!). You can get a Halloween pail that closely resembles the masked crusader and let them pretend they're the Dark Knight out to fight crime (and get candy) in Gotham City.

Full DIY Batman Costume
Gorgeous Batman Makeup DIY

Captain America Halloween Costume

Captain America Girl Costume
Tutu Graceful – Etsy

An Avengers favorite, Captain America is easy to recreate for Halloween! You need some red, white, and blue… oh, and lots of muscle! It's fun to dress up as Captain America whether you're a boy or a girl. I found tons of options for girls on Etsy (see above!) and even babies (see below!). Buy the full Captain America costume here.

Captain America Baby Costume
Etsy: DaisyMaesBoutique331

There are other accessories that complete the Captain America costume look. Start by getting your child some red boot covers and of course, Captain America gloves. Captain America wouldn't be complete without his trusty red, white, and blue shield. If your costume doesn't come with the shield, you need to buy it separately or make your own. If you have rough ones who might start jabbing each other with the shield, you can buy a softer version or make one out of felt.

DIY Captain America Costume
Photo: InHonorOfDesign (Click to see tutorial)

DIY Captain America Costume (made out of a t-shirt!)
DIY Captain America Shield

captain america cape
Etsy: SuperRobertDesign

Thor Halloween Costume DIY

Thor Costume DIY
Thor Costume: Photo from Instructables (link below)

Thor wields a heavy hammer that no mere mortal can lift! If you are running out of time and need to buy a costume, you'll just need to add a helmet and hammer. Or if you buy a costume that doesn't come with shoes, just pair it with black boots or sneakers. Some costumes come with shoe covers (like this one: complete Thor costume).

Thor Girl Costume
Photo Credit: Miley TinyThunder (click for Facebook page)

Have some time? You can easily create your own DIY Thor Costume:

Full Thor Costume Tutorial
Thor Helmet Tutorial
Thor Hammer DIY

Follow this tutorial to transform into Deadpool!

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