36 Inspiring Craft Tutorials

craft tutorials
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craft tutorials

Looking for some inspiration? Not sure which craft project you should tackle next? Here are 36 you can browse through, and maybe add a few to your list – or who knows, maybe they'll help you come up with your own craft ideas! Let me know which ones inspire you the most!

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1. Spray Painted Beans (Great for Party Displays!)
2. Door Wreath From Men's Ties (And 22 other Projects)
3. Fabric Scrap Coaster Tutorial
4. Whale Canvas Art (SUPER cute!)
5. Easy DIY Photo Canvases (Save lots of $$!)
6. Faux Tin Tiles (LOVE!)
7. Creative Cube Craft Table
8. Rosette Embellished Pillow
9. Reusable Snack Bags (eco-friendly!)

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10. Rustic Twig Candle Holder
11. Peel-Off Blackhead Remover Mask
12. Rainbow Salt in a Jar
13. Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint
14. Button Elephant
15. Suitcase Table
16. Duct Tape Rose Pens
17. Chalkboard Vase
18. Melted Crayon Art

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19. Make Shiny Paint Sprays
20. Dollar Bill Origami Gift Idea
21. Dinosaur Hoodie
22. Fabric Beach Balls
23. Tie Dye With Sharpies
24. Doorway Puppet Theater
25. Keychain Scrapbooking
26. Decorate Cupcakes Like a Pro!
27. Styrofoam Fabric Ornaments/Balls

craft tutorial idea

28. Stamp Carving Tutorial
29. Flower Pin Tutorial
30. Make Your Own Wooden Princesses
31. Crayon Letter Shadowbox
32. Fabric Cerotti Craft Patches (They look like band-aids!)
33. Fastest, Easiest Pillowcase Tutorial Ever
34. Paint-By-Number Hex Symbol Coasters
35. Craft Apron
36. Simple Letter Canvas Craft

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  1. Thanks for including a few of my projects Sadie! Great round up of craft ideas! There are a few on here that I really want to try and make.

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