Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

paper bag halloween costumes
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Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas aren't hard to come by at all! You can create so many costumes with brown paper bags and other items that are FREE (or super cheap) that I wanted to compile a list!

Last Minute Paper Bag Costumes

paper bag halloween costumes

Paper Bag Monsters from Design Mom

paper bag halloween costumes

Paper Bag Princess from Sugar Lotus Designs

last minute halloween costume ideas

Safari Adventure Vest from Real Simple

Last Minute Costumes With Recycled Materials

last minute recycled costume

Angel Wings and Halo from Real Simple

last minute diy halloween costumes

Cute Cuddly Monster from Speckless

last minute diy halloween costumes

Bunch of Grapes from Costumzee

More Last Minute Costume Ideas

Raining Cats and Dogs: Take an umbrella and some stuffed animals (dogs and cats), and attach them to the umbrella!

Ghost: Use a white sheet and cut holes in it for the eyes. Easy peasy!

Washing Machine: Use a big box from a furniture store. Cut a large hole in the front and cover it with clear Saran Wrap. Glue an empty box of detergent on top, and a few mismatched socks, too!

Self-Portrait: Carry an empty picture frame and hold it in front of your face.

Do you have any Last Minute Costume Ideas? Share them with me!

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