Summer Bucket List for Girls

Summer Bucket List for Girls
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Looking for stuff to keep busy this summer? This Summer Bucket List for Girls is full of fun stuff! Add your own ideas to the comments!

Summer Bucket List for Girls

Summer Bucket List for Girls

1. Tie Dye something (jeans, shirts, etc)
2. bury your feet in the sand (or build a sand castle!)
3. Try your hand at making a Duct Tape Suit Case
4. Make a Dreamcatcher
5. water balloon fight
6. Make cute zipper flowers
7. ..and no-sew headbands
8. see a concert in the park
9. Make a No-Sew T-Shirt Fringe Bag
10. Movie Marathon
11. Make your own ice cream (or ice cream in a can!)
12. have a food fight!
13. have a karaoke party!
14. see a play
15. make your own play doh
16. go on a boat ride
17. have a tea party
18. make some easy beaded suncatchers
19. have a picnic at the park
20. go bowling
21. Play messy Twister!
22. make a fire pit (with supervision!)
23. start a lemonade stand
24. have a yard sale
25. eat some place for free
26. build an outdoor fort with blankets
27. go camping
28. travel (without spending a ton! check out these budget travel tips)
29. make smores (100 variations!)
30. fly a kite
31. be more organized.
32. go zorbing
33. do a 5K as a family
34. participate in a summer reading program
35. go fishing (catch and release!)
36. Make a Bandana Sunglasses Case
37. pick some produce
38. learn to skateboard
39. stargazing
40. learn to play an instrument.
41. visit the zoo
42. try mini golf
43. plant something
44. go down the biggest water slide you can find!
45. make a mud pit. :)
46. learn how to blog
47. go rock climbing, or at least hiking!
48. try scuba diving
49. go ziplining (it's so fun!!)
50. Science Experiments

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Summer Bucket List for Girls

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