150+ Summer Bucket List Ideas

Summer Bucket List Ideas
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Summer Bucket List Ideas

These summer bucket list ideas will get you excited about summer break! Add your own to the comments!

Summer Bucket List Ideas

1. Make sun tea
2. Say “yes” to everything for a day
3. Water gun fight!
4. Carve your name in a tree
5. Bury a time capsule
6. Paint ball
7. Model a wedding dress
8. Donate blood
9. Learn to juggle
10. Donate to charity
11. Learn to play an instrument
12. Compose a song
13. Learn a new yoga pose each week
14. Bake bread together
15. Visit the fire station
16. Bake cookies and deliver them to a neighbor
17. Play mini golf
18. Have a Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest
19. Have a disco party
20. Unplug – have a NO media day (no TV, Facebook, etc)
21. Make tie dye shirts
22. Write an “I love you” letter to each other
23. Play board games as a family
24. Try grilled fruit
25. Learn to shoot a bow and arrow
26. Ice cream for dinner
27. Read a new book each week (try FREE ebooks)
28. Make glowing ice
29. Attend a local high school football game
30. Attend a baseball game
31. Go berry picking
32. Make bird feeders
33. Water balloon fight
34. Create a DIY Potion Lab
35. Go on a picnic
36. Catch and release some frogs
37. Go fishing
38. Host a backyard fun day for the neighbors
39. Find shapes in the clouds
40. Melt crayons in the sun
41. Go ziplining
42. Paint like Monet
43. Go rock climbing
44. Water balloon yo-yos
45. Make a slip n slide
46. Mud Pie Kitchen
47. Swimming
48. Hiking
49. Camping
50. Stargazing
51. Start a garden
52. Go to the zoo
53. Visit a farmer's market
54. Find a pick your own apples/fruit/whatever place
55. Make homemade ice cream
56. Go to an amusement park
57. Go on a scavenger hunt at the park
58. Make garden stones
59. Read books outside
60. Make s'mores
61. Run a 5k as a family
62. Build a terrarium
63. Make some zen gardens
64. Bake the best cupcakes ever
65. Write a story as a family
66. Watch fireworks
67. Fly a kite
68. Have breakfast for dinner
69. Go window shopping
70. Visit the nearest beach
71. Build a sand castle
72. Have a BBQ
73. Take a bike ride as a family
74. Visit a new play ground
75. Build a fort
76. Have movie night
77. Volunteer as a family
78. Make ice boats
79. Skydiving
80. Visit the library once a week
81. Make flower prints
82. Make smoothies together (try 131 smoothie recipes)
83. Start a rock collection
84. Make bouncy balls
85. DIY Sponge Bombs
86. Water parks
87. Amusement parks
88. Outdoor concerts
89. Rent a boat
90. Road trip!
91. Be a tourist in your own town (free things to do in St. Louis)
92. Play flashlight tag
93. Have a sleepover
94. Make a fairy garden
95. Geocaching
96. Try new foods and write a story about your experience
97.¬†Go exploring and find a waterfall (might be hard in Arizona… find some cacti)
98. Make bird feeders
99. Watch the sunset together
100. Visit a splash pad/park
101. Take photos of the nearest mountainside
102. Bake cupcakes for a local nursing home
103. Kiss a dolphin
104. Make a commercial
105. Be a vegetarian for a month
106. Go karts
107. Scrapbook
108. Start a lemonade stand
109. Have a pillow fight
110. Teach your kids Pig Latin
111. Have a “no talking” contest
112. Ride a city bus
113. Put on a play for your kids
114. Teach your kids the Macarena
115. Make paper airplanes and race them
116. Have a magic show
117. Edible playdough
118. Make snow cones
119. Try frozen hot chocolate
120. Wrestle!
121. Visit distant relatives
122. Search for even more distant relatives
123. Have a movie marathon (Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc)
124. Build LEGO sky scrapers
125. Bowling
126. Make homemade musical instruments
127. Make a parachute out of an umbrella
128. Have a pot luck with friends
129. Create an obstacle course
130. Play tennis
131. Have a mini parade with bicycles, tricycles, etc
132. Visit a farm
133. Try your hand at Alphabet Photography
134. Make soap
135. Make jewelry
136. Offer to do yard work for a neighbor
137. Visit a National Park – for FREE
138. Take a virtual tour of another country
139. Have a science day
140. Make some dog treats
141. Make homemade chalk
142. Backwards Day – wear your clothes backwards, eat dinner first, etc
143. Jump on a trampoline
144. Have a bake sale
145. Write a story with licorice
146. Rainbow volcanoes
147. Play frisbee golf
148. Play dress up
149. Have a tea party
150. Tour a local historic spot

Summer Bucket List Ideas
151. Teach your kids how to knit
152. Have a Hot Wheels race
153. Learn bird calls
154. Blow up a Diet Coke with Mentos
155. Salt clay
156. Make taffy
157. Make wind chimes
158. Make paper dolls
159. Have a Freaky Friday day… kids are parents, parents are kids for the day
160. Plan an imaginary trip around the world
161. Create mosaics
162. Make bookmarks
163. Use binoculars
164. Rearrange furniture in the house
165. Paint the living room a new color
166. Visit the aquarium
167. See fireworks
168. Go to a craft fair
169. Go rollerskating
170. Ride a horse
171. Make funnel cake

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Add your ideas to the comments!

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