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8 Week Healthy Weight Loss Challenge #SDMChallenge

8 Week Healthy Weight Loss Challenge #SDMChallenge
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You can still join! Just leave a comment below after reading this post. You can join any time during the 8 weeks. Start: 4/29

The 8 Week #SDMChallenge starts on Monday, but I wanted to post about it in case you wanted to join in. You'll need THIS POINTS SHEET from Six Sisters Stuf, and then you'll want to comment on this post to let me know you're joining.

Also, you may want to Tweet and Instagram this challenge using the hashtag #SDMChallenge – I'll be keeping tabs on that hashtag and who knows.. you might win a prize for tweeting/instagramming!!

8 Week Healthy Weight Loss Challenge #SDMChallenge

For the record, I have never stuck with anything this long. Ever. So I need you guys to keep me on track! 8 weeks is a long freakin' time for someone like me!

This is the official Slap Dash Mom Challenge Post. All comments need to go HERE.

There will be participation prizes – not prizes for the most weight lost, because people could cheat… then other people get upset… you know the drill. So each week I will offer participation prizes. The first week, 1 prize. Second week, 2 prizes – and so on and so forth until finally the 8th week there will be 8 prizes!! These prizes are coming out of my pocket, I did not secure sponsors for this challenge.

The 8 Week Healthy Weight Loss Challenge comes from Six Sisters Stuff (one of my favorite blogs). You can see the weekly tally list here. We are doing things a little differently since you guys aren't putting money into the challenge, but the basics are the same.


  • There is a weekly point calendar for each of the 8 weeks
  • Beginning on Week #2 there is a double point challenge (highlighted in yellow)
  • You can exercise each day, but you will only receive points for exercising 5 days a week.
  • You can choose to not each sugar/treats each day, but you will only receive points for not eating sugar on 6 days.
  • There is a sample food journal that you can use or you can use your own kind of food journal to keep track of what you eat. I recommend – it's FREE and you can sneak a peek at what I'm eating, too. My username is sadielankford.
  • Weight yourself each Sunday morning, on an empty stomach, wearing the same clothes each time.
  • Comment at least once weekly on this post with your totally weekly points and totally weight loss points for the week. So each week you will send in 3 numbers: Your weekly points, you weight lost for the week, and your total points for that week.
  • Daily contact with teammate: anyone can be your teammate – even me! Daily contact means chatting with me on Facebook or leaving a comment here for accountability.
  • Example of weight loss points: You will get 5 points for maintaining your lowest previous weight AND 10 points for each whole pound. For instance, if you gained weight, you will report 0 points AND you don’t get any weight loss OR maintenance points in future weeks until you return to the lowest weight you had already achieved. If you maintained your previous lowest weight, you report 5 points. If you lost 1 pound, you would get 5 points for maintaining plus 10 points for that pound, so you would report 15 points.
  • Prizes will be given based on participation. Use the same name/email EACH TIME YOU COMMENT.

    The Challenge

    You'll have to view the PDF file for the full challenge, but basically this is easy peasy stuff. You get points for drinking 64oz of water each day, you get points for eating your fruits and veggies! It's stuff that we should be doing anyway, right? So, comment here if you're in! This challenge starts on 4/29 and you're welcome to join at any time. Encourage your friends to join and leave a comment letting me know you referred them… there might be a prize for the person that refers the most challengers.


    Tweet and Instagram! Add the hashtag #SDMChallenge to any related tweets. Even if it was “I ate an apple instead of a donut for breakfast! Rocking the #SDMChallenge”

    Connect! Join my group for support! This isn't JUST the #SDMChallenge group… it's my super-elite group of Minions!

    Comment! That is how I will choose the winners – I can't choose you if I don't know you're participating. Make sure your email address is valid so I can contact you if you're one of the winners!

    Walk! If you do zero other exercise, be sure to get some walking in! My FitBit Zip really helps me keep on track with this.

    This isn't all about weight loss – even if you're at the perfect weight, you can participate! Who knows, you might win a bad ass chicken purse in the process.

    Comment below and let me know you're ready to get started! I will send out reminders via the Facebook Group and Page when the challenge starts. Comments are approved manually so don't fret if yours doesn't go through right away.

    P.S. I will add more details about the prizes as they become available.

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    Steal the button for your own blog!

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    1. Commenting here too cause I WANNA WIN! LOL
      Seriously…I’m doing well, making a deliberate and conscience effort in working out/walking everyday and in my food choices. I’ve noticed changes in my body whether the scale says so or not and I’m not relying on the scale like I usually do. This challenge has helped me SO much. Thank you Sadie!

    2. Well, I didn’t tell you my struggle…I struggle with getting all the calories I’m supposed to have. I struggle with expecting overnight results which in turn makes me give up.

    3. So…. yesterday I hit the gym and did the first dau of C25K training….a total of 1.6 miles in 21 minutes…. it KILLED me…. but I loved it…. I also did 24 mins on the elliptical…. I am really hoping someone will watch my.girls so I can go again today!

    4. So far my biggest weight loss challenge has been dual: fibromyalgia and motivation. Theoretically I have the motivation pictured, but I can’t make my body stay in agreement with the visual. Fibromyalgia beats the hell out of my motivation and my bodies response to exercise. I have been putting a lot of variations on things I’ve learned into play and I may have a winning combination this go around!

    5. Food is my problem. My shoulders hurt sometimes when I do any workout. I like to workout in my home. My son will be 3 this year and I lost the baby weight and gained some. I hate working out. I am not really big. I would
      Ike to get to my weight before I was pregnant.

    6. I have 2 challenges. 1 is time management with trying to fit working out in with everything else. Like today I didn’t get to work out this morning because I had a dentist appt for 3 of my kids. Even a 20 minute workout is hard to squeeze in some days. The other is that I can’t get right in the middle with eating. I’m either eating too much or too little. Mostly lately it’s been too little though.

    7. I am slacking on tallying my points. And of course I am no where near my paper right now but I weighed in under 150 pounds today. Now I am over here doing a happy dance! :)

    8. So… yesterday, I hit the gym and did the first day of C25K training! It KILLED me… but… I loved it!!! It was only 1.6 miles in 21 minutes but, I followed it with 24 minutes on the elliptical… I am hoping I can find someone to watch my girls today so I can go again… otherwise, it will be another long Just Dance marathon in my livingroom!!

    9. Hi Sadie! My biggest struggle is simply finding the time to workout. i work 10 hours a day in a call center, sitting on my booty. So at the end of the day, i only have enough time to make dinner and spend time with my daughter before bed. if i had some dvd’s (gonna go the goodwill eventually, if i get a day off) and do them before bed. I need to lose some weight, my husband and i are going to try to have a baby once we both get healthier =) you’re a big inspiration to lose weight, because i think of you like an accountability partner, so thanks!!

    10. Currently my biggest struggle is the last of the junk food in our house… I am determined it MUST be eaten before we move back out of our house and into our fifth wheel again around June 7th. After that, I will no longer be buying processed/junk food for the most part(aside from fruit snacks, pretzels and Goldfish… and the occasional free coupon I come across). I am doing pretty good though, my calories are generally around the 1560 I am allowed with my current weight and nursing.

    11. I think my biggest struggle is eating 3 servings of veggies. I haven’t had time to go grocery shopping and won’t until Saturday, so I’ve been eating McWraps at lunch and fruit from starbucks for breakfast. I need to get carrots or something to have as a snack after lunch:)I need to make my grocery list tomorrow so I will have to eat healthy.

    12. Right now it’s a sprained/broken ankle! Ouch! I did great the first week of the challenge and right in the middle of week two (yesterday) I missed a step and hurt it. I can’t get out of bed so I’m just trying to really watch my calories and have done some reps with small hand weights

    13. I need some motivation. I’m down and depressed and just not in the mood to do anything. I’m struggling with just even caring right now. :-(

    14. I didn’t get to do the 30DS today because my littlest 3 had a dentist appt today. I did get mad at my husband, and took a 3 mile walk making me go over my step goal. I had 14,038 today.

    15. So despite my last comment, I forced myself to walk tonight. I decided on the treadmill since it was late. I did my mile and walked/jogged in intervals. I did so much better and jogging all of 0.4 miles today!

    16. My biggest struggle with weight loss is insane really. I workout then I eat crap cause I figure it cancels each other out. With that being said, usually I do track my calories I’ve lost and then when I eat crap I don’t go over those calories but still!! But here it is almost the end of week two and I haven’t done that at all! I’m very proud of myself. :-)

      I’m really pound of everyone who is doing this challenge. I can’t wait to see the after pictures in 6 weeks!

    17. Honestly, new ideas for meals is the hardest part. I want to get the family eating healthier and, for the most part, it’s working but they get bored easily when I can’t come up with variations for dinner.

    18. had my 3 servings of veggies at dinner last night:) Making my menu/grocery list for the week today and going shopping tomorrow. I’m also rewarding myself with a Pedicure since I’ve worked really hard the last 2 weeks at diet and exercise:)

    19. I’m struggling with having enough time (& energy) to get in enough fruits & veggies, & ‘good for you’ food, as well as exercise, & still have enough time for a “life” after work!! I work long days, & sometimes I’m lucky & can workout at lunch, but mostly I cant, so, with training my kids (my dogs) getting up-to-date with family, paying bills, etc, I’m outta time! (& I dont even have TV, so cant blame it on that!)

    20. My biggest struggle right now is that I am home all day with my husband and what he wants to eat isn’t what I should be eating. I am working on just cutting down on the portions and balancing out my day calorie wise.

    21. Stefany, whenever I feel like I want to give up, I make a list of all of the good things that will come from eating well and exercising. This is not your traditional pro/con list – there are no cons! You can do it!!

    22. @ Stefany,
      My motivation is waning too. I have been exercising everyday, except yesterday on my treat day, but lately I haven’t been managing my calories very well. I always seem to come up around 300 cals over my limit. But I remember from watching the Biggest Loser that usually week 2 brings in close to nil weight loss results, so I’m at least going to keep at the exercise and try again to pick less fatty meals. I just finished eating my creamy cheese bow tie pasta left covers that lasted 3 days yay..The last 2 days I just picked high calorie healthy foods and I’m gonna try to get a newfound motivation for the last 2 days of week 2 and week 3. We’ll just have to see where the scale takes us and I did measurements too with a fabric tape measure and I’m just going to wait until the 8 weeks are over to see those results. :)

    23. I found a very to the point but informative article on live One point from it stated that usually the first week of dieting causes ppl to lose glycogen and the water that the gkycigen carries in our livers..usually about 3 and a half pounds. In the second week of dieting the water is gained or restored back to our liver. And then from the 3 red week on a 1 to 2 lb fat loss is all that is healthful to lose. Otherwise you’ll possibly lose lots of muscle. Don’t despair everyone. Let’s just keep up with our healthful habits. I’m hoping to see weight loss on week 3 but remember not to be discouraged because there is other ways to measure. I guess my only worry if the scale isn’t going down is that I’m bulking on muscle and keeping all my fat. Lol <3 this challenge and all my teammates. I did my 30 on my elliptical today and ate a yummy chicken Boca w tomatoes n onion and veganaise(mayo). Yum!

    24. I did the 30DS and got a little over 16, 000 steps today :). I’m sure I couldn’t do that every day though.

    25. My legs feel like jello right now but I am super stoked! I actually jogged a half-mile tonight! Not only that, but .25 of that was at once! I normally have to break up my jogging a lot because I just can’t do it. I jogged from a quarter-mile to half-mile mark!!! I am so proud of myself… and I get that it isn’t much to some. But to me, well this is HUGE! I went from not making it more than a half-mile at a slow pace and dying to jogging a half-mile!!!

      Otherwise, things are okay. I am not really losing any weight but I can really see a difference in my body.

    26. Yesterday my husband surprized me and when I wasn’t feeling up to it he came home from work and dragged me and out girls out of the house because at 4:30 pm it was still beautiful outside so instead of dinner at 5 we walked the boardwalk and sand dunes to the beach. And on top of that I had already done my 30 min elliptical. On a very discouraging note though I went 1,000 calories over my goal and that is just unnaceptable to lose weight. So this morning I hopped on my elliptical and did a sweat dripping workout to start this day better and did sit ups with my 5 yr old..having fun on our towels pretending they were our yoga mats.You would think with a 5 and 3 yr old I would have done ssit ups in the last 5 years at some point but um no not once I don’t think. I think I’m going to add that into my routine now. :) Here’s to making better choices!

    27. Didn’t weigh myself, as it is depressing – BUT, I have done SOME form of exercise every day this week!

    28. I’ve been lazy this weekend. I haven’t worked our other than walking. Step count for today was 14,071. I have lost another 1/2 inch on my waist and my hips though, and strangely my shoe size has gone from a 9 1/2W to an 8 which is the size shoe I wore before I had my almost 13 year old daughter so that’s good.

    29. My current weight is 173, the same as the beginning of the week, so I maintained this week. My weekly points were 186, my weight loss points were 5, and total points for the week is 191. And I’ve had 2 days so far where I’ve eaten about a 1000 cals over my was one of those days. I started my period today so maybe that’s why I went over and didn’t even think I overate. Anyways, I’m still trying everyday.

    30. Sorry I didn’t post my points yesterday, but I was busy having the best 1st mothers day ever! My points were 148, only 1 more then last week and that’s bc I totally blew it over the weekend. No point in dwelling on it, just going to move forward to this week. At least I still lost 1 lbs:)

    31. alright, didn’t do all that great last week. After my midweek no no when i weighed myself, it wasn’t all that bad sunday :) i didn’t lose anything this week, but only gained .6 pounds. so my official weight for sunday was 171.8 up from 171.2. so no points for that for me this week. my other points total 80. Off to a new and better week!

    32. Weight stayed the same, so 5 for that, then 213 for the rest of the weekly points. Didn’t contact a teammate at all, skimped on veggies a couple of days, didn’t food journal one day ‘cuz I was lazy and sleepy and ate non-dairy yogurt something or other one day (but I covered it with fruit, so…there’s that). 218 for the week.

    33. I started level 2 of 30DS today, and walked 17,536 steps today. I’m port sure my feet are going to hate me tomorrow.

    34. It is getting so much easier to stick to a healthy diet already! I’m physically feeling great this week, I fell healthier and lighter and am sleeping soooooo much better! I have exercised every day this week so far, I know I cannot believe it myself!

    35. Just realized that I haven’t commented in a few days. I’ve been doing good walking, but I’m starting to hate workout videos. Thinking about doing the 30DS makes me want to throw my computer of a cliff. I am thinking about getting fitted for some running shoes to start the couch to 5k though. Maybe if I start that I can get put of the rut I’ve fallen into.

    36. How’s everyone doing this week?? I have found it really hard to not only exercise, but get in my veggies this week! But when I slip, I make good the next day, so I dont feel too bad, just frustrated! I just did a 4 mile “super challenge” walking DVD…My hip-joints are sore, but otherwise, I feel great!

      1. I love walking but I love eating way more. My scale broke so I have a new one I have to use… so it’s like starting over because I know the weight will be way different. Hoping it weighs lighter lol #wishfulthinking

    37. Okay, so I gained 2 lbs this week, so I guess my track record hasn’t been good so far.
      Week 1 start: 178 lbs.
      Week 2 start: 173 lbs.
      Week 3 start: 173 lbs.
      Week 3 end: 175 lbs.

      My biggest accomplishment in the challenge so far is sticking to working out most days of the week, and I’m not giving up on that.
      Hope I’m not discouraging anyone. I’m not trying to be a bad example but I have been going over my cals almost regularly so I can’t make any excuses about ‘why’ my weight is what it is. Still happy and feeling strong though. Happy start of week 4 for tmw.

    38. Okay I just had to update. I took my measurements, and my eliptical is paying off. I put the tape measure at my measurement for 3 weeks ago and I could slide the cloth tape measure up and down my calves. My legs are getting muscular and smaller. My thighs are about a half inch smaller, my calves a whole inch smaller, and alot of other measurements stayed the same, except for one other which was 1 inch above my waist which I went down a 1/2-1 inch I think. Happy for some success! And right now my weight loss numbers are 3 lbs. total for the last 3 weeks. Happy.

    39. Lost another 1.4 lbs this week! That makes just under 4 lbs total. I’ve been shooting for 1 to 1 1/2 lbs lost a week, so so far, so good! :D
      This next week will be a challenge, though, as I’m working out of town for 4 days, & dinner will be in restaurants (on the boss’ dime) so it’ll be hard to be good! However, there IS a gym at the hotel! Woot!)

    40. Didn’t lose any weight this week despite walking more. The only thing I’ve been doing different is going by the fitbit calories instead of MFP so I’ve been eating more. I think I need to go back to using the MFP calories so I’ll start losing again.

    41. My points were 168 for this week. And I gained 2 lbs. I know I eat less than I normally used to, but most often I’m at least 300 cals above what my fitness pal reccomends for me. I’m going to at least keep doing what I’m doing by eating less, but I might log my food less often. Not sure, it’s just that I love eating a variety of veggies already, and logging for example 1 oz. of mushrooms, 1 slice of onion, 1 oz. of cheese, 1 slice tomato gets very tedious. But it’s a great “check in” place to see your cals if I’m unsure of my days eating. But the better thing for me is just to keep better habits with a routine of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack. So far I absolutely love a place to record my exercise and update my measurements though. So here’s to week 4!

    42. I didn’t lose weight, but didn’t gain either. 201 for the week. Feeling pretty awesome with all the fruits and veggies going in my face. I need to walk daily, which I’m not doing. So tired, though…

    43. Lost 1 pound this week. Here’s to hoping to lose 1 pound this coming week, week 5 that is. I think I’m going to try pre planning my days eating on myfitnesspal so I make a plan to stay at or under my cals each day. I stayed under for today so I’m happy for that.

    44. I’m coming into this a bit late in the game, but I’d like to join!

      (May 27th, 2013)

      My goal: Making this Memorial Day memorable for multiple reasons.

    45. Its Weigh-In Day for week 4, & I’ve lost 2.2 lbs this week! Yay! Of course, 1 lb of that was lost in the last 2 days because I have a cold, & missed a couple of meals, but I also worked out (gently) while sick, & still counted calories, so I’m taking credit! :D I’m feelin’ extra motivated now, which is great, because I JUST might be taking a beach vacation in August, & I’d LOVE to be lookin’ good!

    46. Week 5 stats..I went from 174 to 170lbs.

      Week 5 points 155..which ironically is the weight I think I’d be healthy at. lol
      Plus 30 points for 3 additional unrecorded weight loss pounds. 1 of my pounds I had lost and regained previously.
      Total points 185.

    47. Oh my! Missed the point of this whole thing! This whole time I’ve been working out and doing great, but haven’t been commenting or tallying points. Well duh! So, lost 3 pounds in 2 weeks and I can now do 30 pushups! I used to couldn’t even do 1…

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