You can still join! Just leave a comment below after reading this post. You can join any time during the 8 weeks. Start: 4/29

The 8 Week #SDMChallenge starts on Monday, but I wanted to post about it in case you wanted to join in. You'll need THIS POINTS SHEET from Six Sisters Stuf, and then you'll want to comment on this post to let me know you're joining.

Also, you may want to Tweet and Instagram this challenge using the hashtag #SDMChallenge – I'll be keeping tabs on that hashtag and who knows.. you might win a prize for tweeting/instagramming!!

8 Week Healthy Weight Loss Challenge #SDMChallenge

For the record, I have never stuck with anything this long. Ever. So I need you guys to keep me on track! 8 weeks is a long freakin' time for someone like me!

This is the official Slap Dash Mom Challenge Post. All comments need to go HERE.

There will be participation prizes – not prizes for the most weight lost, because people could cheat… then other people get upset… you know the drill. So each week I will offer participation prizes. The first week, 1 prize. Second week, 2 prizes – and so on and so forth until finally the 8th week there will be 8 prizes!! These prizes are coming out of my pocket, I did not secure sponsors for this challenge.

The 8 Week Healthy Weight Loss Challenge comes from Six Sisters Stuff (one of my favorite blogs). You can see the weekly tally list here. We are doing things a little differently since you guys aren't putting money into the challenge, but the basics are the same.


  • There is a weekly point calendar for each of the 8 weeks
  • Beginning on Week #2 there is a double point challenge (highlighted in yellow)
  • You can exercise each day, but you will only receive points for exercising 5 days a week.
  • You can choose to not each sugar/treats each day, but you will only receive points for not eating sugar on 6 days.
  • There is a sample food journal that you can use or you can use your own kind of food journal to keep track of what you eat. I recommend – it's FREE and you can sneak a peek at what I'm eating, too. My username is sadielankford.
  • Weight yourself each Sunday morning, on an empty stomach, wearing the same clothes each time.
  • Comment at least once weekly on this post with your totally weekly points and totally weight loss points for the week. So each week you will send in 3 numbers: Your weekly points, you weight lost for the week, and your total points for that week.
  • Daily contact with teammate: anyone can be your teammate – even me! Daily contact means chatting with me on Facebook or leaving a comment here for accountability.
  • Example of weight loss points: You will get 5 points for maintaining your lowest previous weight AND 10 points for each whole pound. For instance, if you gained weight, you will report 0 points AND you don’t get any weight loss OR maintenance points in future weeks until you return to the lowest weight you had already achieved. If you maintained your previous lowest weight, you report 5 points. If you lost 1 pound, you would get 5 points for maintaining plus 10 points for that pound, so you would report 15 points.
  • Prizes will be given based on participation. Use the same name/email EACH TIME YOU COMMENT.

    The Challenge

    You'll have to view the PDF file for the full challenge, but basically this is easy peasy stuff. You get points for drinking 64oz of water each day, you get points for eating your fruits and veggies! It's stuff that we should be doing anyway, right? So, comment here if you're in! This challenge starts on 4/29 and you're welcome to join at any time. Encourage your friends to join and leave a comment letting me know you referred them… there might be a prize for the person that refers the most challengers.


    Tweet and Instagram! Add the hashtag #SDMChallenge to any related tweets. Even if it was “I ate an apple instead of a donut for breakfast! Rocking the #SDMChallenge”

    Connect! Join my group for support! This isn't JUST the #SDMChallenge group… it's my super-elite group of Minions!

    Comment! That is how I will choose the winners – I can't choose you if I don't know you're participating. Make sure your email address is valid so I can contact you if you're one of the winners!

    Walk! If you do zero other exercise, be sure to get some walking in! My FitBit Zip really helps me keep on track with this.

    This isn't all about weight loss – even if you're at the perfect weight, you can participate! Who knows, you might win a bad ass chicken purse in the process.

    Comment below and let me know you're ready to get started! I will send out reminders via the Facebook Group and Page when the challenge starts. Comments are approved manually so don't fret if yours doesn't go through right away.

    P.S. I will add more details about the prizes as they become available.

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    (more added soon!)

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