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This Wednesday Addams Costume is super easy and only requires literally 3 things: white makeup, black makeup, and a black wig or black hair.

We are in full Halloween mode here already at the Lankford house! Jenelle is on a roll tonight, with Morticia and Wednesday Addams both finished within an hour.

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Wednesday Addams Costume Tutorial

Wednesday Addams Costume Tutorial


Cover your face with white makeup – we used white cream makeup with a little bit of light powder over the top to make it look a little more matte. You can cover your entire face and neck with a thicker layer of white makeup than we did, or you can just use super light foundation. Either way, you'll look like Wednesday because it's the hair that pulls it all together.

Wednesday Addams Costume Tutorial

We used eyeliner under the eyes – just a little – and to form a Widow's Peak at the top of Nell's forehead. You can also use a little silver eye shadow to hollow out your cheeks if you don't have as thin of a face.

The black wig cost us less than twenty bucks, and we already had the white cream makeup and black eyeliner.

Round the look out with a miserable-looking face (what 13 year old hasn't perfected that look already?!), and you're good to go!

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  1. I love all your costume idras and how you pull them off without breaking the budget, but this may be my very favorite. I wanted to be Wednesday when I was a kid.

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