Looking for something fun to do with your kids? Or maybe you're the one looking to have a fun date with your mom. Either way, these Mother Daughter Activities will get the brainstorming process going! Have one once a month, or even once a week if your schedule allows. Building a strong mother daughter relationship is important and what better way to do it than with quality time together? Mother daughter dates help accomplish just that!

Mother Daughter Date Ideas

Mother Daughter Date Ideas

– manis + pedis

– go shoe shopping (or window shoe shopping)

netflix + popcorn

board game night

– video game night

– go to the farmer's market

– visit an outdoor festival or craft show

– learn a few words in a new language! try sign language.

– start a mother/daughter journal

– sundaes + chick flick

– go see a ballet or play

– visit the children's museum


– picnic at home

photo shoot – at home or around the city! This is one of the ways I bond with Gracelynn, all the time.

– window shopping + ice cream

– theme dinner – from another country, era, etc. pretend you're really in that place/time!

– coffee date (cocoa for the little ones) – at home or out at Dunkin Donuts

– volunteer together

– go to a concert

– take a class together (at a craft store, or at a gym)

– hit up a thrift store | see my goodwill finds

fashion show + mini makeovers

– go for a hike

– take a boat ride

write a story together

– act out the story you wrote!

– spa night | DIY brown sugar scrub

– craft night | duck tape crafts

– baking night | try fancy cupcakes | try my cupcake recipes


– play the wii or kinect together

– yoga | yoga for kids dvd


– roller skate

– paint pottery (at home or at a paint your own pottery place)

– blanket fort!

– ice cream sundae buffet + dancing

– pretend it's a different season (summer in winter, winter in summer)

– dinner by candlelight

– mystery movie night – make food that has to do with the movie, have the kids guess which movie it is

– dance til you drop night!

– jewelry making party | diy birds nest necklace

– mcdonald's ice cream + play area

– cheap movie theater

– tea and scones + audrey hepburn movies

– bowling

– photo shoot at home – dress up, do makeup, take glamour shots

– mini golf

– frozen yogurt!

– play at the park (yes, you have to go down the slide too!)

– scavenger hunt (at home or even at the mall!)

– camp out – in the living room, or in the backyard (like we do!)

– stargaze

– visit a cave

– library

– go ziplining!

– start a garden

– play a sport (go to the batting cages!)

– read a book together

– scrapbook


train for a 5k, then do one together!

Motivate Your Teen and Connect With Your Teen!

Mother Daughter Date Ideas

Add your own Mother Daughter Date Night Ideas to the comments!

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