Vegetarian Meal Plan Week 1

vegetarian meal plan
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It's already the first week of 2013, I can't believe it! If you've made a Resolution to eat less meat this year, I'm proud of you! There are many benefits to going VEG! Even if you are still a meat eater, my vegetarian mean plan is full of flavor and sure to please even the most carnivorous folks in your life. :)


vegetarian weight watchers breakfast

We will be eating from the Weight Watchers Breakfast Menu this week.


Because the girls are in school during the day, I don't post our lunch menu. It's touch and go. :)


vegetarian meal plan

Macaroni & Cheese
Mushroom Burgers
Hot Pockets
Tofu Nuggets
Buffalo Quinoa Fritters

Note: All dinners include at least one side of vegetables, as well as a side of fruit. The girls each get one night a week where they get to choose our fruit side. Nell always picks blackberries. Gracelynn picks peaches or apples, and Sapphire picks something different every time. :)

Dessert of the Week

Mocha Cupcakes with Espresso Buttercream Frosting

Mocha Cupcakes with Espresso Buttercream Frosting

weight watchers freestyle cookbook slapdashmom

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  1. I’ll be posting our menus that we already had on Tues or Wed. I can’t follow a set meal plan, so I post it after the fact so I know while I’m figuring out what to make each day it better be healthy because I have to report it, lol. These recipe lists look great and I might be adding a few to some of our upcoming weeks! I love your recipes :)

  2. those mushroom burgers sound delicious. may be trying them out this week. Also, thinking of making homemade hot pockets this week as well. I love that you’re doing your meal plan on here…i have a ton of ideas for dinners, but i get in ruts sometimes, so it’s great to get ideas from another veggie friend :)

  3. Although I am not a vegetarian I do enjoy healthy recipes so will be checking back often to see what’s cooking here. I like that you include a veggie and a fruit with each meal! I have trained myself to eat much more of both on a daily basis.

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