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If you ask a nutritionist how to drink more water, they will usually say “drink when you're thirsty”. The problem with that is, I'm never thirsty! I can go all day without drinking anything at all and not even realize it. In order for me to drink more water and make sure my body stays hydrated, I have to set alarms, make it fun, and even add fruit or flavoring sometimes.

How to Drink More Water

How to Drink More Water

How much water you need to drink depends on a variety of things:

— your size (height/weight)
— your general health
— if you're pregnant/breastfeeding
— weather/altitude
— exercise level

While Weight Watchers says you need to drink 48 ounces of liquid a day, and they allow you to count coffee, tea, and even juice and diet soda, I completely disagree with them on this. I'm a huge fan of drinking half your bodyweight in ounces. So if you weigh 200 pounds, aim for 100 ounces. There are many studies to back this up, along with my own personal experience and a recommendation from my doctor. If your weight loss stalls, not drinking enough water could be the culprit (sodium could be another one).

The main way I “trick” myself into drinking more water is by using my favorite cups. Yes, cups as in plural, because I have like 5 of the same cup. I also keep a Starbucks cup for water when I'm in the car because the Bubba cup doesn't fit in my cup holder.

drinkup smart bottle review

Secret Weapon to Drink More Water: DrinKup Smart Bottle

DrinKup Smart Bottle recommends the most appropriate water intake, based on your height, weight & daily activities.

The DrinKup Smart Bottle has a 1 year warranty and keeps cold water cold for 24 hours or more based on our personal experience. I didn't even see that mentioned when I was researching the bottle but the length of time it kept water cold was seriously impressive! The only drawback for me is that it's only 17 ounces. I would love to have a 32 ounce bottle to refill. I also am not a huge fan of the metal water bottles but Kevin absolutely loves it and has zero complaints!

drink more water

I have been using this bottle everyday for about a month now and haven’t needed to recharge it. The reminder when you fall under 80% is great and really helped me to stay hydrated. The size of the bottle and the shape are great, it fits in a bike bottle holder as well as in the cup holders in our car.

The app is fairly easy to figure out, and is chock full of information. I didn’t really need all of the info but it was nice to see it at a glance. The app also syncs with your Fitbit which is a plus because it will change your requirement amounts based on your activity levels. “Sharing your daily activities status via Apple Health and Fitbit with DrinKup, will help DrinKup adjust your water intake needs!” Within the app you can add friends and see their hydration status also. Make a game or a competition out of staying hydrated – whatever it takes to help you be a healthier you. You can create sub accounts for family members or whomever else you want to monitor. Now you can keep track of friends and family and keep everyone hydrated and living their best possible life.

Is DrinKup worth it?

The cost for DrinKup is $69 with free shipping. This is an expensive water bottle (so I thought) I really didn’t think it would be worth the cost but it has more than doubled its value in the the amount of water I drink daily. I am not keen on drinking water, I would barely get one 17oz bottle of water in a day if that. Thanks to this bottle and the buzzing reminders I am drinking plenty of water everyday. I hit my goals every hour and I feel so much better. Another great, fantastic benefit is I have also loss 5lbs. I don’t eat as much because I am full of liquid. On a serious note we all know that your water intake is essential to healthy lifestyle and this bottle does its part. It is more than worth the investment. Comes with a 1 year warranty so if you have any issues make sure to utilize the warranty. Use code SDMDRINKUP10 for 10% off!!

smart bottle drinkup


I would highly recommend this bottle to everyone. I didn’t think this was going to be a great bottle just a good one. I had my doubts from the onset but all of my doubts about this bottle and how it works and its ability to actually help someone drink more water have been put to rest. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their water intake and is having trouble doing so. I also recommend this to anyone who wants to track what their fluid intake is, the app is very informative and has a lot of information at a glance.


I have a Weight Watchers group on Facebook and a member (thanks, Gina!) suggested this:

Drink 16 oz water with each meal (breakfast, lunch & dinner). It not only helps you feel full but also helps you get your daily water in. I drank 16 oz water bottles with each meal (refillable bottles come in this size too). 4 servings @ 16 ounces is 64 ounces per day. Between what I drink during exercise & at meals I drink 80 oz per day usually. Another plus of drinking so much water with each meal is that I'm not in the bathroom every half hour because I'm not sipping water all day. This approach is definitely worth a try.

Bottom line is: you probably need to drink more water. Check your pee. My doctor says if it's clear, you're good. If it's not, you should probably drink more. Mine is always light yellow and I'm okay with that, but if it gets dark yellow or even an amber color, I know it's time to DRINK UP!

Apps to help you drink water

There are so many apps to help you remember to hydrate each day. I just started using Plant Nanny. If you're old school, track your water intake in your bullet journal!

Plant Nanny: Adorable app where you grow a plant as you drink water. Available on Google Play and iTunes.

Waterbalance: Delivers facts about water and health. Allows you to earn badges and share achievements with friends. Available on Google Play and iTunes.

Daily Water: Simple, single-focused app. If you don't want any fluff, this is the app for you. Available on iTunes.

how to drink more water
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Ways to dress up water

Flavor packets: There are so many options for flavoring water, including Mio and Crystal Light. I absolutely love the Great Value flavor packets, especially the lemonade and strawberry lemonade flavors. :)

Add fruit: Search Pinterest for “fruit water” or “fruit infused water”. Since fruit is a 0 point food, you don't have to worry about racking up points.

Seltzer Water: Simple Truth Organic has several different flavors and they are all zero points for 12 oz.

Stop and chug Challenge

This is a challenge that was suggested by someone in my group as well. If you really struggle with drinking water, set an alarm on your phone for 9AM, 12PM, 3PM, and 6PM. Each time your alarm goes off, stop and “chug” a bottle of water. Chances are, you'll need to drink a little in between the challenges as well to get to half your bodyweight in ounces, but it's a good start.

Reward System

If you're still drinking soda, juice, Starbucks, etc this one may work for you. Before you allow yourself to get a Starbucks drink (or soda or whatever), you must drink 32 ounces of water. If you're used to starting your day with Starbucks, that might be difficult, but it's worth trying. Or, if you start your day with Starbucks you can do that but ONLY if you promise to drink half your bodyweight in ounces of water throughout the day. Don't drink the water? Don't get Starbucks the next day.

It seems silly but sometimes I have to play games with myself and figure out a way to be tricked or bribed into drinking water. It works. After a while, drinking enough water will become a habit.

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