Arizona Bucket List – Things to do in Arizona

arizona bucket list
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arizona bucket list - Things to do in Arizona

Looking for things to do in Arizona? Look no further than my Arizona Bucket List! Many of our favorite stops aren't on the Weird Arizona list, but you should check them out, too!

Arizona Bucket List – Things to do in Arizona

1. Hole in the Rock at Papago Park – Have a picnic, take some pictures, impress your friends!

arizona bucket list - Things to do in Arizona

2. Grand Canyon – I didn't learn this until I moved to Arizona, but the Grand Canyon isn't just a one-stop kind of adventure. There are tons of different spots to visit, see, and even camp at! Many guides are available to make your trip perfect. Pictured above: Horseshoe Bend

3. Coyote Buttes – Ride the “wave”! It's an easier hike than Havasu Falls, but a little more difficult than Antelope Canyon – you'll hike to get to the famous WAVE to take pictures. Pack lots of water, though, because there's NONE along the way! No streams, nothing.

4. Antelope Canyon – Made world famous by National Geographic, Antelope Canyon is one of those “must see” spots – you've gotta add it to your bucket list! They don't allow free hiking in, so you'll have to pay the Res fee and hire a tour guide, but it's worth it.

Havasu Falls - Things to do in Arizona

5. Havasu Falls – It's a 10 mile hike in, and a 10 mile hike (uphill!) out, but Havasu Falls is one of the most breathtaking spots on Earth. Well worth the trip, but one you want to take a few days for. They have helicopter tours in as well, but they'll cost you about $200.

arizona bucket list

6. Lost Dutchman – This state park, named after the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine, is located 40 miles east of Phoenix. You'll need to pack lots of water for your hike – it'll be fairly challenging.

7. Phoenix Art Museum – It's free on Wednesdays!

8. Schnepf Farms – The Country Store is full of fresh baked pies, and they have a “pick your own” garden which is awesome! They have peach picking, apple picking, and a great Fourth of July event.

9. Queen Creek Olive Mill – When you visit Schnepf, make sure you head across the street to the Olive Mill. You'll see a lush garden, tons of olive trees, and taste the best coffee of your life (at Superstition Coffee, located inside the Olive Mill). Can't make it to the QC? Superstition roasts daily and ships their coffee beans all over the United States!

10. Ride Bike Trail 100 on Tatum Trailhead. It's 11 miles, and it's a pretty flat ride so it's fine for intermediate riders – no expertise needed. Well, except knowing how to change a flat tire since that tends to happen ANY time I ride a bike in Arizona. Pack your camera – it's one of the most scenic routes around.

11. Tovrea Castle – Located in East Phoenix, this castle is a great photo opp!

12. Changing Hands Bookstore – You'll never find another bookstore like it. Be sure to check the rest of the overlooked list while you're at it.

PRO TIP #1:  Airbnb – If you need a place to stay, while traveling really anywhere, I highly recommend Airbnb. You can rent a room from an Airbnb host, or rent an entire house or apartment if you like more privacy. It's less expensive than a hotel room and can be lots more fun, because the hosts are generally awesome. Go ahead, try something new!

PRO TIP #2. If you are looking for more great bucket list ideas, here is is my list of 150+ ideas for you and your family.

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    1. You will not regret it. Don’t miss out on Tombstone it calls you back. I’d love to live and die there. Love Arizona so much. Been 4 times and cry all the way home.????????????

  1. I’ve been to Arizona several times (mainly to visit my uncle in Phoenix), but I have also been to the Grand Canyon. Would love to visit Havasu Falls (your picture is gorgeous) and the “Changing Hands Bookstore” looks fascinating (I LOVE bookstores!).

  2. So many more things too, arcosanti is a great thing to check out. Canyon lake is one of the best, I think. Salt River canyon, a lesser known but nearly as beautiful as the grand canyon. Tonto natural bridge in strawberry.

  3. I lived in Tuscon, Arizona from 1993-2010. I had been to The Grand Canyon, Sodona Arizona Wildlife Museum, Sabino Canyon, Old Tuscon Studio, Sororro National Park and Tanque Verde Ranch.
    I used to drive by the Picture Rock every Tuesday Morning on my way to some of my Clients homes. That was from 2002-2004. I was going to take my Sister out to see it but they bulldozed to to somewhere else and destroyed it upon doing so.
    Why can’t they leave nature alone. That was around the year 2007.
    Your Pictures are so lovely. I miss Tuscon, Picture Rock area and Mariana Valley areas. The Tanque Verde Ranch is a real nice place to visit as well. They have Horses, trails and swimming pools. You could also stay in their motel they have there. They are quite expensive though. Just go for a day to take in the scenery and pet the horses and walk on the trails makes a nice experience.

  4. Those sure are some beautiful photos. Arizona sounds like such an amazing place to visit, I have heard many great things about it from friends and family that have been. In fact, I know of a few people who actually visit Arizona all winter and come back to Canada for the summer.

  5. We are hoping to go back to Arizona this Winter. I am excited to go to the Grand Canyon again. It is so beautiful there.

  6. Wow, I had no clue Arizona had so many beautiful places to visit. We live on the East coast, so I’ve never had a chance to visit AZ. Now I want to!

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