20 Unique Christmas Trees

unique christmas tree

20 Unique Christmas Trees

I asked my friends to send me the coolest photos they could find of unique Christmas trees. Here are the TOP 20.

unique christmas trees

Unique Christmas Tree

Unique Christmas Tree

weird christmas tree

weird christmas tree

christmas tree chandelier

upside down christmas tree

underwater christmas tree

recycled christmas tree

upside down christmas tree idea

LED christmas tree

unique christmas tree ideas

unique christmas tree ideas

recycled bottle christmas tree

book christmas tree

awesome christmas tree

christmas tree on wall

christmas tree with hangers

pillow christmas tree

What's the most unique Christmas tree idea you've seen?


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  1. Some of these are awesome and some would scare me to have with kids in the house. lol

    I love book trees myself but I’m too traditional to bother. I did spray paint an old fake tree black to put together a Star Wars themed tree for us though. :) Who says you can’t be traditional and have a second ‘just for fun tree’?
    Rhianna recently posted..Holiday Gift Guide: Dino Lingo Language Learning Programs for KidsMy Profile

  2. So much fun! I’m rather intrigued by each one!

  3. These are different and Unique Christmas trees! The one that is weird though it the tree that is upside down! I do no think that I could ever have a book used as a Christmas tree, but some of the trees are just plain funny!

  4. LOL!! Great pics! Some of these are NUTS! With my son literally tearing apart EVERYTHING right now, if I even tried to put up a tree it would be complete disaster. I have many times thought of a pillow one, or the ones that are all hung on the walls. Thanks for the ideas! Ugh, wish I could have pretty stuff. ;)

  5. I am very traditional but I could admire the inspiration of these trees.

  6. What a great idea! I love the creative designs and objects used to create the christmas trees. It has inspired me to think of unique ways to use different objects and materials to decorate during the holidays.

  7. Odd, but at same time cool. i love the wall idea, would be great way to showplace special ornaments..only I would put tiny hooks so some could actually be hung….oh no,,does this make me odd too? lol

  8. I know the person that has the first tree. They are from Central Illinois. :)


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