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How to Make Your LuLaRoe Designs Home Office Compliant

LuLaRoe Home Office Compliant Designs
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As a new LuLaRoe consultant, you might be confused on which images and fonts to use for advertising purposes. Hopefully your sponsor has hooked you up with some awesomeness, but if you're wanting to create your own, here is a list of home office compliant fonts and colors – as well as the official LuLaRoe logo.

UPDATE: Why I stopped selling LuLaRoe and what happened when I left the cult

While LLR isn't known for tracking consultants down day in and day out, it's best to follow their rules to keep everyone happy! Plus, it's all about branding. LuLaRoe has a brand that everyone knows and loves. No reason to reinvent the wheel or change things up.

Make sure LuLaRoe designs are home office compliant with this checklist!

LuLaRoe Fonts

maven pro light
steelfish rg

LuLaRoe Colors

LuLaRoe Yellow: #FED141
LuLaRoe Orange: #FF9D6E
LuLaRoe Pink: #F67599
LuLaRoe Fuchsia: #DD7FD3
LuLaRoe Purple: #9595D21
LuLaRoe Blue: #8BB8E8
LuLaRoe Mint: #64CCC9
LuLaRoe Grey: #888B8D

LuLaRoe Logo

LuLaRoe Logo


You can use the logo on a white background. You cannot use it on a busy background.

If you want to use a colored background, use the white version (White LuLaRoe Logo).

You cannot edit the boxes, change the orientation of the logo, or add your name above “simply comfortable” if you use a logo with that slogan in it.

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