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7 Ways to Grow Your LuLaRoe Business as a New Consultant

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Whether you've been with LuLaRoe for a while now, or you just signed up … or maybe you're just thinking about signing up, this post is for you. No matter why you're looking for ways to grow your LuLaRoe business, I've got you covered.

UPDATE: Why I stopped selling LuLaRoe and what happened when I left the cult

I've helped many direct sales consultants and small business owners thrive and create financial freedom for themselves. It's what I was born to do! If you have any questions at all, let me know and I'll be happy to help you with your business as well. Keep in mind that I am not a consultant, so if you'd like to join LuLaRoe I recommend joining our group to get the best head start possible.

7 Ways to Grow Your LuLaRoe Business as a New Consultant

Ways to Grow Your LuLaRoe Business

1. Set goals. Obviously your first goal is to earn back the money you spent on your inventory! But what's next? Follow a few YouTubers along their journey as you figure out what your goals are going to be.

My favorites LuLaRoe YouTubers include:

Monica Lynn – tells her story of selling $10,000+ in 2 weeks!
Vanessa – a plus size gal that rocks all the looks she wears; 3 months in she sold $22,000 in March alone!
LuLaRoe502 – two gals that tell you about everything from earning the investment back, to planning and hosting pop-ups. I love these girls, and their videos!
Tiffany Cook – talks about the investment, how to earn it back, and more.

2. Know your why. Running a LuLaRoe business is a lot of work! If you don't have a solid “why”, you are going to burn out rather quickly.

Why questions include:

Why did you sign up?
Why are you putting all this work in?
Why are you going to stick with it?
What's your “end game”? What's the point of doing this?

Knowing your “why” is essential to any business, but especially one you'll be investing $5,000+ into!

3. Brand yourself. LuLaRoe is already branded. When you see LLR leggings, you know they're LLR! Now, you need to brand yourself. This includes business cards, yard signs for your pop-up shops (so people know how to find your party!), return address labels and even extra labels to add on your bubble mailers. On a side note, be sure to invest in a high-quality thermal printer. Thermal printers only use toner, so it'll save you quite a bit of money printing it all in black and white.

Why not advertise while your LLR products are in transit? Be sure to purchase some banners and car stickers or magnets if you plan on advertising in person at vendor events, etc. While you can purchase business cards from, I recommend purchasing them from because they're the highest quality and way less expensive.

4. Be prepared. Check out this list of “must haves” that you'll want to purchase before launching your LuLaRoe business. Watch all the videos you can; join groups and take tons of notes! Get your inventory system read, and make sure you order your rolling racks (I like this one because it's highly rated, has two levels, and is affordable; order 3-4 depending on your inventory), no-slip hangers (in colors like hot pink), a tripod (even if you're just using a cell phone), chalk board, and dress form (this one's my favorite).

5. Work with other reps. Some LuLaRoe consultants get super territorial, and don't even want other reps in their group! That's so catty and silly; don't be that way. Joining other LuLaRoe groups and hosting multi-consultant pop-up shops are both great ways to work with other LLR folks that can help you grow. You can help them grow, too! Maybe you have a print they don't have. Offer to send it to their customer for them, and then they'll “owe” ya one. Or maybe they can trade you a print that you really want. Either way, working with other consultants is the way to go. Don't see them as competition.

Melanie is the first LuLaRoe consultant I met, and she's wonderful! I've actually done a review for her on the blog and would love to see some of you connect with her.

6. Stay organized. Talk to any consultant and they will tell you that being organized is a must. You'll need spreadsheets and a LuLaRoe inventory tracking system in place. If you can, set a room aside for an office and/or stock room. You'll need a spot to take good pictures, with plenty of natural light – or a good lighting kit like I use for my photography.

7. Plan ahead. Nothing is 100%, so you need to have a plan. A 3 month plan, a 6 month plan, a 1 year plan, a 5 year plan! Plan an exit strategy just in case something drastic happens and you have to get out. There are many ways to make your money back even if your business ends up being a total flop: sell it back to the company and pay a 15% restocking fee, or sell it to another rep at your cost. So even if you aren't making a profit, you'll make most or all of your investment back in the worst case scenario.

What's your best tip? Share Ways to Grow Your LuLaRoe Business in the comments!

7 Ways to Grow Your LuLaRoe Business as a New Consultant

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  1. I feel so much better now! That’s for the tips, I’m going to follow all of them!

      1. Hi! Have any of you ladies who have started or are just starting when did u create your fb page and start adding members?Can u do it while in the queue or do u have to wait to receive your call? Also did u wait till u recieved your call to start buying supplies?

  2. This is the second time I’ve read this, the first time was while I was in the queue, and now I’m officially a consultant!

    I definitely want to start following those YouTubers! I watched tons of training videos before I onboarded but need to continue. The motivation and ideas are so important!

  3. I have recently been seriously considering becoming a consultant and I have been doing more and more research. I want to get some more information before I make my final decision. Does anyone have anymore suggestions or tips prior to making a decision? What made you decide to become a consultant? thanks in advance :)

  4. Hi! I have been an official consultant for 3 weeks now. I had a GREAT first pop up and sells are steady right now. I am wanting to team up with some fellow consultant to share your inventory on each other’s pages, multi consultant 2 day sale. If anyone is interest please let me know! Thank you!

  5. one of the best ways that my wife and I are finding out that works for us and could work for you to is. Setting goals. I know everyone says that but if you have to have one. So you can see your progression. Also having a strong leadership and group that are willing to share their what works and what don’t. The last thing is to hype about your stuff make it a big deal that you have fun and new stuff.

  6. I am a brand new fashion Retailer with LuLaRoe. I haven’t even received inventory yet.. All these are great tips. I’m working on building my group. I feel like it’s going well so far…
    However, I haven’t launched so I’m not sure about sales. I am hoping for the Best.
    Thank you for all the great tips.

    1. If you haven’t launched yet I’d continue reading about LuLaRoe. I had nothing but problems with them. SO much happier now that I run my own boutique away from LLR.

      1. What kind of problems..i am in que and worried is this the thing for me. Just need honest what were some problems you had. How hard was it to get stock?

        1. I would not join LuLaRoe at this point if I were you. Way too many problems and too much negativity!

          1. What did I miss? Lol I thought this article was supporting LLR retailers and tips for success? Now you are saying not to work with LLR. Maybe I misunderstood?

          2. I wrote this post a year ago, before I realized how bad LLR was. If someone is a consultant, I still wish them success.

  7. I onboarded a little over a month ago. Made about about half of what I put in, in sales, but all in person. Come second month, I’m over 1100 items, getting the hang of the inventory management system and all the stuff on the backend, but I need help growing the group. I have all this good stuff, but nobody sees it. Everyone tells me to avoid multi-consultant groups. My inventory is on the larger end (so I’ve heard), so a pop up isn’t really the direction I’m going in. Looking for tips to increase online visibility, thanks!

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