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We love playing I Spy! Whether it's in the car on a road trip (try not to get car sick!), or hanging around the house trying to pass the time before school, I Spy is a staple in our house. I created these Free I Spy Preschool Printables because they will keep the kiddos busy for a while, which means you'll get to breathe… even if it's just for a few minutes. :)

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Free I Spy Preschool Printables

You can use these printables a few different ways. I like to laminate them so they can be reused! I found a super cheap laminator on Amazon and use it almost daily. Another way is just to print off however many copies you need to keep the kids busy for the week!

Free I Spy Preschool Printables

Download the printables (just click the images), print them out, laminate them if you so choose, and let the kiddos get to work! All they have to do is count how many of each item are in the puzzle and write the number in the corresponding box. If your little ones are just learning their numbers, you might want to help them a bit. I always wrote the numbers in a dashed font until they could write them on their own. Depending on how old your little ones are you might do the same.

Get the entire workbook here!

Preschool I Spy Printable

Preschool I Spy Printable

Get the entire workbook here!

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