300+ Elf on the Shelf Ideas

funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas
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Have you depleted your Elf on the Shelf Ideas? Here are over 300 ideas to get you through the month! Not only are they fun, most of the Elf on the Shelf Ideas are easy and do not take much time, but are still really cute! 

If you are like 99% of the other parents out there, after the first year of having the Elf on the Shelf, you quickly run out of ideas OR you can be like us and sometimes, the elf does nothing!

This post has over 300 ideas for your Elf on the Shelf that will keep your kids laughing! You can even make some Chocolate Peppermint Bark as a festive dessert with your elf!


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300+ Elf on the Shelf Ideas

300+ Elf on the Shelf ideas including arrivals, funny and mischief and super easy! These ideas will get you through the elf season with no problem!

What is Elf on the Shelf?

Wondering what the deal is what this whole elf on the shelf thing? So basically the “elf moves” every night and reports back to Santa if your child is good or bad. Sometimes if the child is bad, the elf won't move at all. He or She is Santa's helper when determining who is on the naughty and nice list!

When your elf arrives it also comes with a book. So be sure to read the story with your child too!

Where Can I Get an Elf on the Shelf?

Some local stores carry them now, but I highly recommend just ordering from Amazon! They also have Elf clothes and Pets which the kids REALLY love! Elf on the Shelf can be a girl or boy depending on which you would rather have!

The creators have also added lots of accessories! These make the elf way more fun! And if you happen to be in a store shopping, I promise your kids will make sure you leave with some stuff!

Shirley (our elves name) currently owns the snow tubing set, robe with sleeping bag, and the mermaid tail!

Just so you know if you are an Amazon Prime member most of these have free 1 or 2-day shipping! And if you already have an elf you can purchase just the accessories.



funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas

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The Official Site of Elf On the Shelf with TONS of ideas!

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elf on the shelf idea for baking fiasco

I even found a Pinterest Board of Elf on the Shelf Ideas!

Can't wait to see what Shirley comes up with…





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  1. Ok so, my sister has been doing this a few years. I just ordered one to start another new tradition. What I did not realize is that this “elf” is supposed to be so….so….out of control!

  2. Our elf, Jingles, has been very busy these past few weeks… she’s made a few messes, but she’s a junk food loving elf who has ended up reclined on the couch with an empty can of coke and a few candy wrappers a couple times already. She brings little gifts quite often… She’s holding an old dirty sock (covered in cocoa & garlic powder) and a note saying how sad Santa was tonight when she left her report… the LO had a bad bad bad day… and for some reason she kept saying Santa had her on the naughty list and she was getting a dirty sock… guess she was right. I know I’m a terrible parental unit, but I’m hopeful that it’ll encourage her to be better tomorrow!

  3. we have an elf, my kids love it, however he does not make messes at all. I don’t get why some parents are making the elf do things that the kids would get in trouble for doing. When his job is to tell on them , our elf just “reports” to the north pole evry night and moves to a new spot. he may bring some candy back with him or some treats if they were particularly good the day before. But my kids would know it’s fake if he used a whole tube of toothpaste to write their names on the bathroom mirror or TPed the tree , and I didn’t throw him out of my house. I just don’t get those moms letting their elf dictate a “do as I say ,not as I do” policy. Glad you caved , I know how much the kids do enjoy it ,nothing wrong with bringing a little magic to your kids christmas. I do love your idea of the pole dancinfg elf ,That one I’m doing :)

    1. This morning I put the elf (they named her Snowflake) in Sapphire’s open lunchbox, and had her drinking a soda and talking on my cell phone. LOL Not very creative but they thought it was cute. Actually, I think they thought it was pretty lame, but they laughed for me anyway… :)

  4. I had never heard of it until last year when my step-mom said she had sent one to my girls & to be on the look out for it. At first I thought it was creepy looking. It freaked me out. The girls weren’t too into it but this year it has gained momentum and they couldn’t wait for it to come back. So far we haven’t really done much more than hide it in crazy places & ways. I’m a lot like you….. I don’t want to make a mess, stage an elf doll and then clean up said mess. I have enough messes I already avoid cleaning up. ;)

  5. This is our 1st year with our elf, Buddy. (I’m extremely scared of clowns but not this. Go figure lol.) No mischief, but fun places and one note so far reminding them to be good kids. If they have an especially good day, there will be little treats.

  6. Although it has apparntly been around for a while, Elf on a Shelf is a pretty new concept to me. Despite the fact that it does seem fun, personally I’m not really crazy about it, but for a very silly reason. As an only child for most f my childhood, I was very “creative,” lol, and my own elf doll was a beloved companion for me during the holidays. I cannot believe how much mischief he gets into now days – I thought I raised him better than that, LOL.

  7. I think the Elf on the Shelf is so funny! I guess you are supposed to put Elf around in different places in your house, and then every day the kids can try to find out where he is! So funny! I think I am to old for this game, but I am sure your kids love it!

  8. I don’t think the kids here would be into the Elf that much. Though, they are boys and cause enough mischief on their own-I th ink an Elf would just be an instigator to try and test the tattletale system.

  9. I don’t have kids, but I really love looking at the creative things everyone does with this – to me, that’s the best thing about the elves – they get the grownups to be creative, too! I LOVE the pole dancing one above!!!

  10. i just dont get the whole elf on a shelf thing. I know it makes messes and tells santa but what is it really? im confused. my 5yo keeps asking for one. ugh

  11. I think this sounds like a cute idea for the kids I wish I wouldn’t have found this idea sooner. I think I will get it for next year! Thanks!

  12. I have been wanting one of these for the kids but haven t been able to find one under $30.00 I’m going to check out the site where you got it for so cheap and try and order it even though we only have a few weeks left.

  13. Great ideas!! I am always looking for new elf ideas!! My daughter is 10, but still believes!! YES!!! My grandmother is really sick right now, so our elf has not been causing too much trouble, but these ideas are perfect for something quick and cute!! Great job :)

  14. This is my family’s first year doing Elf on the Shelf and I love it! My kids are so excited about it too.
    So far our elf, Little Red, has gotten into the cat food, took a marshmallow bath, brought letters from Santa to my girls, and just this morning he was cruising around the kitchen in a Barbie car with Barbie! HAHA…..Pinterest is really great for finding ideas too!


  16. After reading the story and looking it up, it’s not as crazy as I thought it was. Kinda want one now…lol

  17. Love the idea of doing the Elf thing instead of all the christmas decorations! :) and It seems fun , I never thought I’d like the Elf on the shelf but I can see how it can be really fun. Maybe when my boy is older we;ll do it and see in how many weird/silly places he’ll end up

  18. One of my friends has been posting adorbs pics of the one for her kids on facebook and I reeeeally want to do one but my elder kid is too big for it and the younger one wouldn’t get it yet. Maybe next year. lol

  19. We got our Elf on the Shelf today! She’s a girl and we named her Jinxsey. My daughter is so excited! All I told her was the Jinxsey keeps an eye on her and reports back to Santa every night and comes back and lands somewhere new :) I don’t think we’ll doing the messy thing…I have enough of that to deal with already! lol

  20. Your daughters are so cute! I literally laughed so hard at that pole dancing Elf on the Shelf. We don’t celebrate any holidays this season, so we don’t have an Elf on the Shelf.

  21. Good for you Sadie! Your daughter sounds so adorable. I have elves in my home at Christmas and started 25 years ago long before the “fake” Elf on the Shelf craze. {Yes my friend had the idea long ago and had the prototype and book but was waiting on funding when someone else did it from beneath her, and hers were way cuter.} I have many of them and only one would move around the room some nights. No messes {I don’t agree with that part} but put the children on their best behavior. Fun time for all.

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