DIY Button Art Flower – Gift for Mom

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I'm all about mother daughter activities, and this DIY Button Art Flower Craft is no different! Whether you're making this for Mom, or with Mom, make it extra special by adding a note on the back of the frame.

DIY Button Art Flower

DIY Button Art Flower

This would make a great gift for Mother's Day! Pair it with a bird's nest necklace (DIY) and you're good to go.


8×10 frame (shown was from Dollar General)

Pattern, printed on 8.5 x 11 card stock

White Buttons

Orange Buttons

Yellow Buttons

–Note: some of the orange and yellow buttons are very tiny. Less than 0.25″ in diameter

Paper Trimmer (or scissors)

Hot Glue

DIY Button Art Flower


Print this template.

DIY Button Art Flower

On a flat surface, use a paper trimmer to trim your pattern to 8×10. Check to make sure it fits into the frame before you affix your buttons.

I like to set aside my unique buttons and use them last, or on the top so they show. I put my boring buttons on the pattern first.

Hibiscus Button Art Tutorial

Using hot glue, begin to affix your buttons. Begin with yellow, followed by orange, and last, white. You will want to do one layer at a time and don't worry too much about spaces and gaps. As long as the gap can be covered with another button on the next layer, you're fine. I also like to overlap the outer edge of the pattern a bit. You'll notice the white buttons extend beyond the edge.

Flower Button Art Tutorial

When your first layer of buttons is complete, follow with a second. Place the second layer of buttons between two on the first layer. This will create more dimension and a random look. Follow with a third layer, or pepper a few more buttons here and there to create a little more dimension.

Button Art DIY in a Frame

When finished, use a dry toothbrush to “scrub” away all of the hot glue strings.

Easy DIY Button Art Flower Frame

To place in your frame, you need to put it in front of the glass. Place it in the frame, follow with the glass, secure the frame shut and you're finished!

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Mother's Day Flower Art DIY Super Easy!
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