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Bullet Journal for Weight Loss: Layout Ideas + FREE Printable

bullet journal for weight loss
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How do you use a bullet journal for weight loss? That might be the question that ran through your head when you saw this post. I've already posted about how I use my bullet journal to help with my anxiety, and about bullet journaling for teens. Weight loss is a bit more specific, and so much more fun to draw the layouts for!

My friend Amy has a great post on how to use a bullet journal if you're a total newbie. Stay tuned for a bullet journaling challenge coming your way in September.

P.S. There is NO REASON to spend $20+ on a bullet journal. I found this one for $12, and it is the exact same thing as the $20 ones I was buying. In fact, I'm using it in this post!

Bullet Journal for Weight Loss Layout 1: Couch25K

Bullet Journal for Weight Loss

What I'm tracking:

  • Couch 2 5K training
  • Hydration – at least 10 glasses each day (yes 5 before coffee; I don't drink coffee til about noon)
  • Good choices for both food and fitness

bullet journal couch 2 5k

I like combining several layouts into 1-2 pages if at all possible, because I don't want to be flipping through my bullet journal constantly just to fill out a few pages. Because I'll be using the C25K layout daily, and I'll use my hydration layout daily, I combined them along with a few other little things I needed in there.

Bullet Journal for Weight Loss Layout 2: Zero Point Foods

zero pointsplus foods

What I'm tracking:

0 Point Foods/Sauces/Condiments

I'm (loosely) following Weight Watchers, but I use PointsPlus not SmartPoints, so I have a list of my favorite 0 Point foods. This helps for when I don't know what to eat and don't have a lot of points left, but I'm hungry. Take a grilled chicken breast, add broccoli, carrots, bean sprouts, and soy sauce, and you've got a 2 point dish that will fill you up.

Bullet Journal for Weight Loss Layout 3: Meal Ideas

low points plus meals

What I'm tracking:

Low PointsPlus Lunch + Dinner Ideas

You can find the meal ideas here:

bullet journal weight watchers

Daily PointsPlus – how many I eat (I get 49 and am supposed to eat as close to that as possible without going over). Notice my lines are far from perfect. I don't have a ruler right now so I use the edge of a paper and it doesn't always work the best.

Bullet Journal for Weight Loss Layout 4: Things Instead of Eating

things to do instead of eat

What I'm tracking:

Things to do instead of eat – I get bored, and I eat. I get stressed, and I eat. This list gives me a great jump start on doing things other than eating.

Bullet Journal for Weight Loss Layout 5: Inches + Weight Loss Tracker

bullet journal for weight loss

What I'm tracking:

  • Inches Lost – This will be my overall inches lost.
  • Pounds Down – Pounds I lose and hope to never find again.

bullet journal weight loss tracker

The stickers came from Michael's, in the scrapbooking section. I used a 50% off coupon I had, and it made the entire sticker book like 2 bucks.

Bullet Journal for Weight Loss Layout 6: Gym + Exercise Log

bullet journal for weight loss gym log

What I'm tracking:

  • Gym log – how often I go and what I did, how I felt, etc.
  • Bodyweight exercises – Do 3 sets (15 each) of 3 different exercises.

bullet journal for weight loss gym log

Bullet Journal for Weight Loss Layout 7: Mind, Body, Spirit

bullet journal layout ideas

What I'm tracking:

Mind, Body, & Spirit – Weight loss isn't just about the body, so I created a fun spread with lots of stickers to remind me to take care of my mind and spirit as well. I'm not religious, but if you are, this would be a good spot to write a few Bible verses and such. I use it for positive quotes.

bullet journal layout ideas

Bullet Journal for Weight Loss Layout 8: Daily Steps + Printable

bullet journal for weight loss

What I'm tracking:

  • Daily steps – if you have a Fitbit, you will have a number in your dashboard at the end of the night. Add it to your bujo.
  • Daily workout – this is somewhat similar to the gym log but mostly just saying if I worked out or not
  • Cardio – I need to do a LOT of cardio, so this is separate from strength.
  • Strength – Even though I need cardio, strength is just as important.

bullet journal for weight loss printable

I created these stickers to use in my bullet journal, and you guys can use them, too! Just CLICK HERE to download the free sticker sheet.

I used Avery 8660 labels. (This is an affiliate link. If you click on it and make a purchase, it'll cost you nothing extra, but I will earn a commission. Thank you for your support!)

Do you have any ideas for how to use a bullet journal for weight loss? I'd love to hear them in the comments!

bullet journal for weight loss
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  1. Hmmm, you provided some interesting ideas in this. I’m always putting on a few pounds during the summer and have to loose it in the fall. Thank you for sharing

  2. I am currently on Weight Watchers and this is so inspirational!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at Thoughts of Home.

  3. Thank you for all the weight loss tips. I am just beginning to try to loose 50 lbs. That is my goal. I began walking a mile every day and watching my calories.
    This will be featured on my blog tomorrow! Thank you for sharing on Idea Box!

  4. OMG! A fellow Pokemon Go player!!

    It does help with getting out for fresh air and walking (running if a rare specimen is nearby!).
    It helped me recover from a major surgery faster than expected.

    I’m new to bujo and looking at layouts that appeal to me, so I’m taking lots of notes visually and bookmarking my favorites.

    I’m a proud Pokemon Go Trainer of NINE perfect stats pokemon as of today! They’re my babies, even if two are Rattata.

    Jen AKA HylianPaladin

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