100 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women
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I asked my Facebook friends for suggestions on what they would like to get in their stockings this year! Lots of women answered!! Listed below are the Top 100 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women! Add your own to the comments!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women

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1. Gift Certificate to a Spa
2. Duct Tape (40 DIY Duct Tape Crafts)
3. Microwavable rice heating pad
4. Envelope with a nice note and a gift card for a fancy dinner
5. New sheets and pillowcases
6. Shoes
7. Cosmetics from Direct Sales like Avon, Mary Kay, etc
8. Baking accessories
9. Bath fizzies and ear plugs
10. Gift Certificate for a Hair Cut
11. CDs with “your” songs
12. Hair Chalk
13. Gloves that you can use with a smartphone
14. Mixes (for dips, etc to make life easier)
15. Tissues
16. Underwear
17. Pocket calendar
18. iTunes Gift Card
19. Apron
20. Mints and gum
21. Smartphone accessories
22. Ear Buds
23. Clothes or Gift Certificate to a clothing store
24. Camera accessories
25. Wallet
26. wii or xbox games
27. Hand warmers
28. Gift Certificate for Mani/Pedi
29. Pain relieving gel
30. Pajamas
31. Framed artwork (from the kids, or from you!)
32. Wine charms
33. Coasters (DIY Alcohol Ink Coasters)
34. Shot glasses
35. Scrapbooking supplies
36. Mini First Aid Kit
37. Coupons for a night without the kids
38. Cookbooks
39. Cinnamon Roasted Nuts
40. Photo album
41. Magnetic Makeup Board
42. Handmade Pillow Cover
43. Ear buds (or headphones)
44. Cookie cutters
45. Mini mirror
46. Purse
47. Pencils, pens, markers, etc
48. Leggings
49. Stickers
50. Personalize ornaments
51. Coffee cups
52. Essential oils
53. Surprise professional photos of the kids
54. Cute tote bags
55. Back Scratcher
56. Money
57. Booze (wine or vodka!)
58. Hair Clips
59. Key Chains
60. Books
61. Warm hat and scarf
62. Incense
63. Bubble Bath
64. Locket with the kids pictures inside
65. Small frame handprints from the kids
66. Travel Size Products (shampoo, lotion, etc)
67. Nail Files
68. Soft blanket or throw
69. Gloves
70. Hot Cocoa Mixes
71. Bath Salts
72. Chap Stick
73. Starbucks Gift Card
74. Nail Clippers
75. Makeup Brushes
76. Homemade Gift Certificates (massage, hugs, chore free day)
77. Bath Oils
78. Candles
79. Flavored Coffee
80. Chocolate
81. Stationary
82. Candy
83. Scratch off Tickets
84. Bath & Body Works Travel Size Products
85. Makeup
86. Nail Polish
87. Lots of perfume samples
88. Hair Products (brush, gel, etc)
89. A new ring!
90. Blu Rays or DVDs
91. Earrings
92. Gift Cards
93. Razors
94. Necklaces
95. Fuzzy Sock
96. Lotto Tickets
97. Lip Gloss
98. Lotion
99. Perfume
100. Movie Tickets

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  1. Touch Screen iPhone Purse! It has a water resistant pouch for your phone to keep it safe from dropping it, splashes, or even sand at the beach. Great for on the go women who don’t want to have to dig around their bags for their phone and continually take it in and out of their bag! Fashion for the future.

  2. Maybe I missed it….gift certificates to any bookstore or coffee house…good excuse for relaxation. Or wine tasting for 2. Or certificate for babysitting (yes they’re his kids too) so she can have a GNO!

  3. Every woman should have a vintage item. Vintage items are classy, timeless and will add style to any outfit.

  4. Great list! A piece of custom jewelry is a great gift idea. Something personalized just for you that will last through the years:

  5. Any kind of special spices or extracts would be great for the cook and baker! Specialty sprinkles or cupcake liners. Little flavored olive oils or balsamic vinegars. I have seen all of these ideas at Places like Home Goods!

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