DIY Alcohol Ink Coasters {Tutorial}

Alcohol Ink coasters project
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Alcohol Ink coasters project

DIY Alcohol Ink Coasters {Tutorial}

alcohol ink diy tiles

Gather your supplies. I used these alcohol inks, blending solution, cotton balls, and tiles (from Home Depot). Painting the edges are optional. I like them better without the edges painted, to be honest.

DIY Alcohol Ink coasters

Cover the tile with alcohol blending solution. Then, start dripping the alcohol inks on to the tiles.

The key to working with alcohol inks is not to use too much! Just a few drops in each section of the tile will do the trick.

I think it'd be fun to swirl the colors together, maybe with a Q-Tip, but I didn't try that with this project.

DIY Alcohol Ink coasters project

Allow the tiles to dry before painting the edges or wrapping up. Add felt pieces to the bottom (optional).

Alcohol Ink coasters project

These were so fun to do, and I can't wait to make them for Christmas gifts! DIY Alcohol ink coasters are inexpensive gifts for grandmas, moms, and even teachers!

alcohol ink coasters gift

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  1. Wow these are beautiful! I have the Alcohol in abundance, could I just make my own alcoholic ink? What would I need to mix together?

  2. what kind of tiles did you use? Did they have a certain finish? Where do you get the ink and alcohol?

  3. i love this idea and what a wonderful christmas gift these would make ;) Thanks for sharing this with us.

  4. We just replaced our backsplash in our kitchen and I saved my old tile. My husband always rolls his eyes because I save almost EVERYTHING. I always tell him “Hey, I know I can make something out of those” I am so glad I saved all those tiles. I think we will add ribbon to the backs and hang them on the girls’ wall. Thanks for the heads up

  5. I had a few tiles where the color looked great, but as it dried the ink kind of pulled away and left white blobs. Any explanation as to why it might do that? I am not sure what happened.


  6. I would just like to know if you use a clear acrylic spray on these afterwards to make them water resistant.

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