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Duct Tape Flower Pen Tutorial

Duct Tape Flower Pen Tutorial

This Duck Tape Flower Pen Tutorial fits in perfectly with the rest of my DIY projects... everyone knows the Slap Dash Family is obsessed with Duct Tape Projects. Or wait, is it Duck Tape Projects? Yeah, either way, we love it.

duct tape flower pen tutorial

Supplies Needed

  • Duct Tape
  • Pens
  • Good Scissors (optional, but a good idea)
  • Duct Tape Flower Pen Tutorial

Choose your weapon duct tape pattern first!
duct tape flower pen tutorial You'll be using one piece of duct tape about 2″ shorter longer than your pen is, and 2 pieces of duct tape 1″ wide, to cover the entire pen.
duct tape flower pen tutorial First, place the 1″ wide piecesat each end. Then, take the bigger piece and wrap it around the pen.

duck tape flower pen tutorial

Now it's time to make the petals! Petals are just 2″ pieces of duct tape, folded: Fold the right corner up towards the top of the piece, leaving a little bit of the sticky side exposed. Then take the corner you made, and fold it down to form almost a pyramid shape.
duck tape flower pen tutorial Note: For a small rose, you will have about 25 petals. Sometimes I use about 50 and make a bigger one.
duck tape flower pen tutorial Keep the petals even. If you raise the petals up each time you go around, the rose is going to look like a tunnel.
You can make the rose as big as you want, just make sure you stick the tape down firmly each time or it will fall apart.
duck tape flower pen tutorial Keep the petals close together. Where one point ends, another needs to begin. You can start to spread them out more as the rose gets bigger, but if you spread them too far apart it looks sloppy.

diy duct tape flower pens Just keep wrapping, and wrapping, and wrapping... and please be sure to PIN this while you're here!!

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Sharleen - Sorry that should say try these

Sharleen - Thanks for sharing the duck tape flowers I need to try there they are pretty cool looking!

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Hague - So cool!!!!!!!!! Lol

Bria - I love this idea! I bet the same method could be used to make some super adorable – and unique! – hair flowers.

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Carli - These are adorable! But I must admit that I didn’t know that you could get duct tape with patterns. Cool!

Kim@Co-Pilot Mom - That is very cool! I obviously know nothing about duct tape because I didn’t know it came in so many different patterns!

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