How to Have a Successful LuLaRoe Launch

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You can host your LuLaRoe launch party online or in your home (in-person). Some of these tips are for one or the other, while some tips work for both. I would love it if you'd leave your tips in the comments! Feel free to link to your LuLaRoe group as well.

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How to Have a Successful LuLaRoe Launch

How to Have a Successful LuLaRoe Launch

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72-Hour Game Plan
How to Advertise Your LuLaRoe Launch
LuLaRoe Launch Success Tips
Supplies Needed for LuLaRoe Launch
7 Ways to Grow Your LLR Business as a New Consultant

Keep in mind I am not a LuLaRoe consultant. I am an online marketer and know a lot about direct sales, selling, and advertising. I have many friends that are LuLaRoe consultants and as I help them grow their businesses, I am journaling it here to help other consultants as well. If you're interested in launching a LuLaRoe business with an amazing team of support, join my group!

lularoe 72-Hour Game Plan

72-Hour Game Plan

Your launch should be part of your 72-Hour Game Plan. No, your launch won't happen within your first 72 hours – mostly, you'll be ordering and planning – but keeping your launch in mind is vital to your success.

Commit to treating your business like a business. You've just invested thousands of dollars into LuLaRoe – make sure you've invested it into you, too. Failure is not an option!!

Make a list of 50 people that you will tell about your new business. You can categorize these people by style (are they busy moms, plus-size ladies, fitness fanatics, businesswomen?), or by contact (should you email, call, text, or PM?). Divide and conquer that list… now!

Once you've completed your first 50, rinse and repeat. Your goal is to book at least 3 pop-ups during your first 72 hours. They don't need to be hosted during that time, obviously, but they should be booked. Get excited!

How to Advertise Your LuLaRoe Launch

How to Advertise Your LuLaRoe Launch

Tell everyone you know! I know you've been talking about LLR non-stop for like ever, you've created a Facebook event, and you've even invited all of your friends… but that's not enough! You need to advertise your launch outside of Facebook as well (more on that in a minute). Sometimes when I get an invite to an event and I can't answer right away, I completely forget about it. I don't want to suggest nagging people by any means, but if you know someone is interested in LuLaRoe and they haven't RSVPd to your event, send them a quick message to remind them about the launch. There are many ways to do this without being spammy or salesy.

Create a sense of urgency. Set your calendar out at the party and offer an incentive (like a free pair of leggings) for booking a pop-up. If someone wants to book a pop-up but they are really busy, offer to come to their office during lunch and do a quick one hour pop-up. You'll almost always get a yes!

Make your event public. Post your Facebook event as public, so everyone can invite their friends. This is especially important if you're giving incentives for friends that bring a guest.

Give a teaser… or two. As you get your inventory set up and ready for your launch, post a teaser pic (or two!) so everyone gets excited.

Advertise outside of Facebook. While it's a great business tool, Facebook is not the be all end all of your LuLaRoe business – and I caution everyone against using someone else's platform as the sole income creator for their business. Meaning, if Facebook disappeared tomorrow … how would you contact your customers? Get that email list going. Wear your products everywhere you go, and hand out business cards like it's Halloween and everyone you see is a trick-or-treater! Okay, so don't be obnoxious about it, but seriously… hand those cards out!

LuLaRoe Launch Success Tips

LuLaRoe Launch Success Tips

Confidence is key. One thing I've noticed about all LuLaRoe reps is that they love the product, which makes them super confident to sell it! I know you've seen direct sales reps be iffy about products they are selling, right? LLR is completely different! Not just because it's not direct sales, but because LLR folks are absolutely in love with the products they're promoting.

Have helpers on hand.
Whether it's your mom, best friend, or neighbor, have 1-2 folks on hand to help out with your launch party. They can be personal shoppers for your guests and help them pick items they'll be able to wear every day.

Make it easy for everyone to shop and enjoy the party. Have change on-hand in case they're paying with cash. Have outfits on display that are perfectly paired so they don't have to think too hard. Have snacks and drinks available for those that want to mingle.

Market. Have an email sign-up form – whether you're doing an online or in-person launch. If it's an in-person launch, have a tablet out with the email sign-up form ready to go. Tell your customers you send out info for pop-ups, new designs, etc through email and you'd love for them to sign up.

Wear a skirt or dress. I don't have personal experience with this one since I'm not an official LLR consultant, but many of my LLR friends have told me you'll sell more dress and skirts if you wear a dress or a skirt. That makes complete sense, because most people know about LuLaRoe leggings but not everyone knows about the tops, skirts, and dresses.

Supplies Needed for LuLaRoe Launch

Supplies Needed for LuLaRoe Launch

Online Launch Extras

Label Maker for saving money on postage (by ordering online) and saving your hand (who can write that much?!).

IKEA bags for transporting orders to the post office.

Poly Mailers – there are many options for these. Look around on Amazon.

Coat tags or another way to keep track of orders as they will move fast.


Non-slip hangers are a must! Get a box of 35 for about $10 at Costco (as of May 2016), or if you're ordering everything online, Amazon has a pack of 50 hangers for $17.

Also, you'll need some finger clips for skirts.


There are many options for racks for your launch party. Some consultants swear by tall shoe racks for holding leggings, while others will hang shower curtain rods or PVC pipes to display paired outfits on hangers. You can get a very basic rolling clothes rack at Wal-Mart for less than $20. I found this dress rack for $12, but if you're wanting a commercial-grade collapsable rack, you'll spend a little more. This one is about $60.

If you're crafty, try your hand at building a DIY Clothing Ladder. You could even paint it LLR colors so when you do your online parties it makes a pretty backdrop!


You don't absolutely have to have dressforms, but I know from experience in selling tutus and such that items sell much better when they're on a dressform! I'm talking 10 to 1.

Where to get dressforms: JoAnn's has them for $100, sometimes on sale for $49.99. You can also download 50% off coupons if they're not on sale, so you'll only pay about $50 each. You can also buy this dressform on Amazon for about $60. Watch the sizes! I'm a plus size gal so I would buy a bigger dressform just so it's a bit more realistic for my Tall & Curvy gals. If you're just starting out and you're on a budget, dressforms are nice but not 100% necessary so you can skip them until you make a little cash.

Am I missing anything? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love all the tips here! You are so spot on! I am hosting my launch party next weekend and I am so excited!!!!
    Thank you for posting this!!

  2. The only thing I would add to this, is to NOT get a large/plus size dress form, unless you plan on getting two. The smaller sizes will not fit on a larger dress form, but larger sizes can always be clipped back on a smaller form! :)

  3. Very helpful information! Thank you for your post on this! Having first launch aug.18 and in home party a few days later! Lets me know what I need to do and prepare for!

  4. i would add mirrors and places for guests to try on outfits. even if you have a bathroom and/or bedroom perhaps always have an additional pop up changing room. I once had to wait 10 minutes for a changing spot and would have walked away from the sale had it not been with a friend.

  5. Super helpful! I plan to do a HUGE in person launch party for my local peeps and then follow it up with an online launch party to reach family and friends all over the country. I am so excited and after reading through your suggestions I am feeling really confident as I have most of this already in place or on my to do list! Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it! Follow me on insta @ LularoeBridgetteAnn or On Facebook @ shop Lularoe Bridgette Ann.

  6. This is so helpful! Thank You!

    How would you recommend marketing on Pinterest?

    Expecting my Onboarding Call in a week or two!!

  7. I am in the queue and having been having a rough time getting members. I’ve posted grow the group giveaways and everything and nothing seems to work. Would appreciate anyone joining my group or referring someone to my group. I’ve been working my butt off so any support is much appreciated!

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