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Easy Ways to Come Up With Great Content for Your Blog

Easy Ways to Come Up With Great Content for Your Blog
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Easy Ways to Come Up With Great Content for Your Blog

I'm going to share my secrets, tips, and tricks to help you come up with great content for your blog. Don't make it complicated, don't make it stressful – just read this post, and then put the tips into action. If you overthink it, you'll spin your wheels forever and your blog will sit empty.

Easy Ways to Come Up With Great Content for Your Blog

Come up with new ideas – all the time.

Duh, Sadie. I came here trying to figure out how to come up with great content for my blog. So, pay up!

I am one of those people that is never out of ideas – and people love/hate me for it. Trust me, it's a blessing and a curse at the same time! But part of the reason I have so many ideas is because I'm a reader. I read magazines, books, newspapers – everything! Some of my best ideas have come from billboards, or even things I hear on the radio. One of my most popular rants ever came from a random sponsored post from Kirk Cameron. Gag.

Brainstorm around holidays and other important dates.

Not only do people search for recipes, crafts, organization tips, and gift-giving ideas, some people search for weird/odd holidays. Why not blog about them? If something interests you, go for it! For National Waffle Day, post some waffle recipes (either your own, or a round-up). Just be sure to post a few weeks early, so you can get the search traffic. If you post the day of the holiday (or even the week of), you could miss out on hundreds – if not thousands – of pageviews.

Lots of people like to “give back” during the holiday season (Thanksgiving, Christmas). Talk about your favorite charity, and why it's near and dear to your heart – or, make a list of great charities to give to and organize it by “cause”. I love to donate money for clean water and education in other countries. If there was a list of legit charities that did this type of work, I'd be happy to donate to all of them! Help your readers, so they can help others.

Guest post – and get guest posters.

Sometimes it's difficult to come up with ideas for guest posts. Sometimes, you just feel like being selfish and keeping the awesome would-be-guest-post for yourself. Honestly, though, giving amazing content away to a bigger blog is a great idea. You want to make sure it's worth your time, effort, etc so I wouldn't recommend guest posting for a blog that only gets a few thousand pageviews a month… but if you can guest blog for one that gets 100,000+ a month, you could definitely start to get recognition for your blog that way. Be sure to leave your link at the bottom of the post (or in the post!), so people can find your blog.

Finding guest posters is usually easy, but finding good guest posters might not be. Join or create a blogging tribe, and consider trading guest posts amongst yourselves. Sometimes you will get pitches via email for guest posters. Those are usually spam, so proceed with caution.

Go local!

If you live in a big city – or even if you don't – there are always new gems to be discovered. Be a tourist in your own city, and write a post about it. When you go on vacation, blog about it, too! I wrote a Free Stuff to Do in Phoenix post, and it's been featured in two local online magazines already! The post was honestly just a “bookmark” of sorts for myself, so I could keep track of free things to do in my area since I just moved here.

Local followings are usually loyal. If you commit to doing at least one local post per week, you could grow your local following substantially.

Teach someone something.

We all love to learn. Posts like these do really well:

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Obviously come up with your own numbers and posts, but coming up with a helpful idea and expanding on it is one of the best ways to put great content out onto the web. Solve a problem and you will make people very happy. Happy people share your stuff!

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Create a blog posting schedule.

Whether you use an Editorial Calendar, Notepad/Word, or an old fashioned pen and paper like I do, planning out your blog posting schedule is the first step to a successful blogging career!

How do you come up with ideas for blog content?

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  1. This is timely and AWESOME! I really needed something to help me balance out! I pinned it and shared away! I tried to set a schedule, but still felt lopsided and flat. This has so much more depth.

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    Being a Digital marketer I believe content is the only things which I need to produce every day for my site optimizations. Once the rest things are tuned they perform well. But what about fresh ideas about content creation? The local concepts really made me impressed and your concern about Guest posting is very accurate related to the page views matter. We should write for that blogger where we can get maximum exposure for our writing.

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