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Our Sushi Birthday Party was a HUGE hit! I can't wait to share all the details with you (especially the cake). The candy sushi recipes are SO simple, though, that it's really silly to even call them recipes. I'm going to show you how we put them all together!

candy sushi party

*The Rip Whips were the hit of the party! Everyone went back for seconds of our candy “noodles”.

Candy Sushi Recipes

Basically, we cut premade Rice Krispies in half, and then made them into “sushi”. For the round sushi, I cut the Rice Krispies in half and then just rolled them in my hand, and flattened them. If you have your own candy sushi recipes, I'd love to hear about them!

Candy Sushi Recipe

Rice Krispies + Airheads + Fruit Roll Ups

Marshmallow Sushi Recipe

Marshmallows + Frosting + Sprinkles + Jelly Bean + Fruit Roll Ups

Candy Sushi Recipes

Rice Krispies + Frosting + Rainbow Strips

gushers candy sushi

Rice Krispies + Gushers + Fruit Roll Ups

peeps sushi

Rice Krispies + Peeps + Fruit Roll Ups

candy sushi

Rice Krispies + Frosting + Sprinkles & Pop Rocks + Fruit Roll Ups

Rice Krispies Sushi

Rice Krispies + Swedish Fish + Fruit Roll Ups

Candy Sushi Recipes

Swiss Rolls and Strawberry Rolls were easy “sushi” pieces, too!

There are many ways to make sushi candy! Leave your ideas in the comments and don't forget to PIN this post! :)

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