Best Organizing Ideas Ever – Part 2

pantry organization
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Best Organizing Ideas Ever – Part 2


Best Organizing Ideas Ever

Craft Room

ribbon organization

craft room organization

craft room organizer

best organizing ideas


bathroom organization

bathroom drawer organization ideas

Laundry Room

how to organize

Odds & Ends

declutter and organize

entry way organization

organize under the sink

Reasons to get organized:

A recent survey revealed that lack of organization in the home is a source of stress for 60% of Americans. Stress is a physical reaction to mental anxiety and is linked to all kinds of illnesses. For instance, stress causes heart problems and depression. Stress can even cause you to lose your hair because it triggers your autoimmune system, causing it to attack your own hair follicles. When you go home and find that it’s a messy, disorganized environment, you naturally experience stress rather than peace and calm. The same is true for the office. If your files are in a shambles, you’re likely to feel a certain level of anxiousness. Getting both the home and office organized cuts down significantly on stress. {Source}

It will save you time. Keeping a list of all your healthcare providers (HCPs) and their contact information in one place can save you lots of frustration. You don’t want to waste precious minutes tracking down the phone number of your oncology nurse or pharmacist again (and again!).

It will help you stick to your schedule. Which is key—sticking to your chemo schedule will help you maximize treatment success. To make sure nothing important slips your mind, note all upcoming treatments, blood tests and checkup dates on your chemo calendar. {Source}

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  1. I can’t believe anyone of those houses have small children, Or if they do, that those pictures are a realistic and accurate depiction of what the house looks like all the time. I just reorganized our coat closet. It took me 2 hours to organize our coasts, shoes, hats, gloves, and snow pants for the winter. My efforts rivaled any of those pictures. By the next day (a cycle of everyone wearing their coats and shoes), it was all undone.

    1. Absolute truth. if you are the only one trying to be organized it will go out the window in a heartbeat. I know from experience that I do it for me and enjoy the first fe moments of bliss because tomorrow it will be gone. Lol

  2. I just organized the kids toys about a week ago into baskets and so far, they are keeping the toys in order. I also did the linen closet and it is still organized which I’m surprised at. I do like the ideas for the bathroom and the laundry room that you posted though.

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