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Our Arizona Balloon Safari

Before today, we had never been on a hot air balloon ride. I was nervous, because I'm scared of heights, but it actually wasn't scary at all! I can officially cross this one off my bucket list! Sky diving is next!

Our Arizona Balloon Safari

The pilot asked for two volunteers, and before I could volunteer as Tribute, Rachel pushed me up there! So, I held the balloon while the fans put the air inside!

Our Arizona Balloon Safari

Then came the flames! I got a little nervous at this point.

hot air balloon ride arizona

We climbed inside (which was more difficult for some, but I just climbed right in since I'm 6'2″), and got ready for our departure. The crew went around offering to take photos of each of the couples, which I thought was pretty awesome!

Our Arizona Balloon Safari

And we have lift-off!!

hot air balloon ride

Seeing the other balloons from the air was interesting.

Our Arizona Balloon Safari

It was hot in the balloon, especially with the sun shining directly on us, but the shadows from the sun rising were gorgeous.

Our Arizona Balloon Safari

Rachel was scared at first, but she ended up really enjoying herself.

Our Arizona Balloon Safari

We hovered over lots of houses – most bigger than any I've ever even stepped foot in!

sonoran desert

Though there weren't any huge mountains around, the smaller ones were nice because we got to hover closely and see rabbits, quails, and other wildlife.

Arizona Balloon Safaris

Afterwards, we enjoyed a toast, picnic breakfast, and lots of orange juice. :)

Our pilot and crew were absolutely awesome, and I would definitely recommend Arizona Balloon Safaris for your next hot air balloon ride! I can say, without a doubt, that I would not have enjoyed our hot air balloon ride nearly as much without such an awesome pilot!

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