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Kids Duct Tape Crafts are a fun way to keep the kiddos entertained on rainy, snowy, or even those 100+ degree Arizona summer days when you just can't stand to be outside any longer!

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Kids Duct Tape Crafts

40 Kids Duct Tape Crafts

1. Duct Tape Flower Pens
2. Quirky Duct Tape Boots
3. Duct Tape Wallets
4. Woven Duct Tape Purse
5. Duct Tape Purses With Flowers
6. Water Bottle Covers
7. DIY Duct Tape Suitcase
8. Duct Tape Party + Streamers
9. Flower Canvas
10. Duct Tape Craft Station
11.Lego Man Capes
12. Covered Toddler Shoes
13. Duct Tape Belt
14. Duct Tape Lily
15. Duct Tape Guitar Cover
16. iPad sleeve
17. Duct Tape Boomerang
18. Luggage Tags
19. Wedding Flowers
20. Duct Tape Bag
21. Chess Board and Chess Set
22. Duct Tape Rug
23. Neon Duct Tape Feather Earrings
24. Duct Tape Domo Folder
25. Easy Duct Tape Wallet
26. Duct Tape Flower Flip Flops
27. Colorful Chain-link Duct Tape Clutch
28. Easy Duct Tape Hair Bow
29. Fancy Duct Tape Tablecloth
30. Duct Tape Picture Frame
31. Book Cover
32.Duct Tape Bookmarks
33. Rolled Duct Tape Bead Bracelet
34. Duct Tape Drum
35. Bangles (Replace Fabric w/Duct Tape)
36. Cheetah Print Rain Boots
37. Family Photo Display
38. Duct Tape Hammock
39. Paper Storage Tray
40. Duct Tape Notebook

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