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Recycled Crayon Tutorial – Make Lego Men, Princesses, and More!

Follow this simple Recycled Crayon Tutorial to make your own recycled crayons!

Recycled Crayon Tutorial

recycled lego crayons

Gather your supplies.

diy recycled crayon tutorial

Peel your crayons (this is the pain in the butt part!). Separate crayons by color.

Put each color in its own can. If you mix them in this step, you'll get an ugly brown color.

Preheat oven to 300*F.

recycled crayon tutorial

Put cans of crayons on a cookie sheet, just in case they spill. Trust me, melted crayon stuck to the oven does not smell good.

diy recycled crayon tutorial

Bake for 10 minutes, longer if necessary. The crayons will be liquid when they're ready to use.

diy crayon project

Quickly and carefully pour your crayons into the molds you have set out. Spray them with cooking spray ahead of time if you find they are sticking. You can use silicone molds, or plastic candy/chocolate molds for this step.

diy crayon tutorial

After about 15 minutes, set the crayons in the freezer* to harden if you're in a hurry. Flip the mold over and the crayons should pop right out.

*Note: This can make your crayons brittle, so if you have the time and patience to let them sit out on the counter and cool, do it that way.

diy princess crayons recycled

The best part about this project is finding different molds to use. I've made crayons in every shape you can imagine - from brains to princesses, we've used lots of recycled crayons in this house!

To get the supplies, visit Amazon for the best deals!

I paid $19.99 a piece for these Lego Man molds but it looks like they're on sale for $9.99!

lego crayon tutorial
Lego Man Crayon Molds

recycled lego crayons

Tara Lehman - What a fantastic way to reuse old crayons!! Pinned:). Thanks so much for sharing this idea @ Dream. Create. Inspire Link. Have a great rest of your week and take care, Tara

swapna - You make it sound so simple! Would love to see your posts in the Practical Mondays Link Up:)

Paula J - What a great way to recycle all those old broken crayons!
Thanks for sharing with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party!
Have a great week :)

Lisa Ehrman - These are the cutest things ever! I love your idea. Thanks for sharing you great post at Together on Tuesdays :)

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Darlene - This is just impressive, and kids can do this with adult supervision. Really cool!

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SlapDashMom - If you click the link to the tray in the post it’s the exact one I’ve used dozens of times – and no melting! :) It’s a special material, not like regular ice cube trays that are made of plastic.

Adriana - Hi, did you use the “ice-cube tray” to make the Lego men? I read on a different website hers melted!! Then again she was melting the crayons directly inside the tray…

Shecki @ Greatly Blessed - We did this years ago, but the Lego molds are inspiring me to do it again! …Or maybe just buy chocolate melts and let the kids eat lego guys, lol.

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Elizabeth Towns - I love this tutorial! This WILL be one of the crafts this mom and Auntie does with the kids this school year. I will remain the Mom and Aunt who is the best in the land. Thank you for adding to my reigning title!

Elizabeth T, Early Riser

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Jessi - I just made little lego guys for my son to give away as valentines. Instead of putting the mold in the oven, we put it in the microwave for 5-8 minutes, until the wax was melted. It worked great!

Lego Crayons

SlapDashMom - They are Lego molds:

Lois - What kind of molds did you use?

CHARMS - Thanks for the crayon project going to do this for a party.

melissa teears - That is such a cute idea!!!!!! I am going to try this with Christmas molds.

Amy Brown - This is awesome! I’m going to do the princess crayons as a project that the kiddos can do at a Princess Party we’re hosting next weekend. Thanks!!

Laura@live-love-scrap - these are awesome- I really love the Lego men!!

Heather Beyant - Amanda and I are thinking the same thing, thanks for the post and the link!

SlapDashMom - Try this:

Amanda Seibert - We love making recycled crayons and I HAVE to find the puzzle piece mold! So awesome!!!

Jacqui Odell - Nice! I need to find a robot sheet and do this for my son!!

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