How to Homeschool With Legos

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Homeschooling with LEGOs is not only educational – it's fun! These links are great for all ages – just adjust them as you need to. Many are perfect for early elementary, but you can adapt them for older kids. Be sure to make your own LEGO crayons, too!

How to Homeschool With Legos

How to Homeschool With LEGOs

I spent hours waaaay too long gathering these links, so I hope you SUPER LOVE THEM. Not much else to do with a broken foot, eh? ;)

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LEGO Learning Resources

LEGO Learning with Walking by the Way

LEGO Learning with Frugal Fun 4 Boys

LEGO Learning with The Imagination Tree

LEGO Learning with Scholastic

LEGO Activities with Science Sparks

LEGO Learning with The Tutor House

LEGO Learning with A Mom With a Lesson Plan

LEGO Learning with Milk and Cookies

LEGO Learning Roundup from the Examiner

LEGO Resources from Homeschool Encouragement

LEGO Activity Links from Discover Explore Learn

LEGO Learning with Homegrown Learners

More LEGO Learning with Homegrown Learners

LEGOs for Learning with Joyful Pamela

LEGO Learning with One Perfect Day

31 Days of LEGOs with Educating Laytons

Lots of LEGO Lesson Plans from MIT

LEGO Learning Activities

Learn State Abbreviations

Grammar with LEGOs

Counting Syllables

LEGO Spelling Race Game

Learning Adjectives with LEGOs

LEGO Lapbook

LEGO Fractions

LEGO Poetry

DIY LEGO Puzzle Book

LEGO Symmetry

LEGO Math Activities

Creating Patterns With LEGOs

LEGO Sensory Sink Play

Balloon Powered LEGO Car

LEGO Animal Classification

Create a LEGO Rainbow

LEGO Measurements

Perimeter and Area

Skip Counting with LEGOs

Roll a Dice LEGO

Famous Landmarks With LEGOs

LEGO Unit Study

Building LEGO Ramps

LEGO Sensory Bin

LEGO ABCs 123s

Months of the Year

LEGO Structure Math

LEGO Water Color Sorting

3D Multiplication

Floating and Density

Photosynthesis with LEGOs

LEGO Bar Charts

LEGO Catapult

Learning Ratios With LEGOs

Counting by 10s with LEGOs

Create a LEGO Maze

LEGO Activities With Printables

Search for FREE LEGO Printables

Uppercase Letters With LEGOs

LEGO Art Lesson Plan

LEGO Figure Printables

Matching File Folder Game

Sight Word Printables

LEGO Bingo


LEGO Writing Pages

LEGO Minifigure Writing Prompts

LEGO Tower Math

Read and Learn

Greater Than, Less Than With LEGOs

Count and Stamp With LEGOs

Cat in the Hat ABCs

Exploring Emotions with LEGOs

LEGO Workbook

LEGO Matchbox Beds

LEGO Kindergarten Activities

Keeping Your LEGOs Organized

LEGO Travel Box


LEGO Travel Case

LEGO Organization (With Printables)

Portable LEGO Boxes

Make a LEGO Binder

Wrapping It Up: Have a LEGO Party!

LEGO Rings

LEGO Cookies

Gluten-Free LEGO Cookies

LEGO Party Ideas and Invitations

LEGO Party Printable Pack

LEGO Head Marshmallow Pops

LEGO Party Fun

Need More Inspiration?

LEGO Homeschooling Board

LEGO Education

Join the Homeschooling with LEGOs Facebook Group

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