LuLaRoe has caught a lot of heat in the media lately, mostly by Yahoo and other major news sites. Some bloggers have started to speak up, but not without major backlash coming our way.

7 Things LuLaRoe Doesn't Want You to Know

Negativity is not allowed, but they will call you stale (among other things). Personally, I was talked down to in a condescending way when I asked my upline questions. I was told to “stop being negative” when I approached her about questions my customers had that I didn't know how to answer. It was a bad experience for me, and completely changed my view of LuLaRoe. That was only one of the reasons I quit selling LuLaRoe, though.

Recruitment is necessary. When I first joined LuLaRoe, I didn't think recruiting people was necessary. I knew I could sell enough inventory each month to profit $5,000 (which is plenty for us!). Unfortunately, as the inventory comes in, so do the defects! In just a few weeks we had dozens of exchange requests due to defects. We were never reimbursed by LuLaRoe for any of these exchanges; we paid for all of them out of pocket. Those who recruit make the big bucks. That's what the game is all about.

LuLaRoe is involved in several lawsuits. Between forcing independent retailers to charge sales tax illegally, and thousands of customers complaining about defective leggings, the lawsuits are plentiful.

It really is like a cult. I found this out the hard way when I decided not to sell and was attacked online by a LuLaRoe consultant, Brittanie Pyper. She even worked with other consultants to get my personal Facebook profile shut down after she talked badly about me in a video in her LuLaRoe group. I still cannot use my Facebook!

Many say it's just not worth it. While we had a ton of fun selling LuLaRoe, many consultants don't make any money at all. In fact, many are saddled with thousands of dollars of debt and LuLaRoe is still telling consultants to get personal loans or “cash a check from your credit card” (with 30% interest, even) in order to buy inventory.

LuLaRoe has a horrible rating with the BBB and GlassDoor. That's always a red flag.

lularoe ripped leggings

{Images from my customers, used with permission. Photo on the left is seam not even sewn. Photo on the right, from Catherine Opel, is a tear.}

There really are a lot of defects. In fact, there's a group of nearly 30,000 people on Facebook who post about this fact regularly. I didn't believe it was that big of a problem at first, but when I saw my 12 year old (size 3) daughter wear a pair for the first time and have them SHRED while walking down the aisle at the grocery store, I knew I could no longer stand behind this product. Getting your money back when you have defective leggings is next to impossible. Yes, you can get another pair of leggings but shouldn't you have the option to get your money back when you spent $25 (or more!) on a defective product?

Standing up to LuLaRoe

Most of the links here are from huge websites or bloggers with large followings. If you are a small blogger, I do NOT recommend trying to make a stand against LuLaRoe by yourself. Consultants WILL retaliate, even if you are simply telling the truth about the company.

Ex consultants have a lot to say

“If you loved us, you would respect us and not call us stale, or pigs, or treat us like brainless sheep.”

“LuLaRoe was the single most negative experience in my life.”

“This company preys on moms who want to be home with their children.”

At the end of this year-long journey, I didn’t make a profit. I think I may have broken even. I fell victim to the “comparison being the thief of happiness” trap.