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This is a quick tutorial on how to use your sidebar to increase your pageviews. If you're looking for more ways to increase traffic, I have another post: 99 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic – Check it out!

How to Use Your Sidebar to Get More Traffic

Here is the code I talked about in the video, simply copy and paste it into the TEXT widget in your sidebar. Obviously replace the “http://” code in between the quotes with your URLs.

sidebar tutorial

CLICK HERE TO GET THE CODE TO COPY AND PASTE – It's in a Google Doc because the HTML was looking wonky in this post.

If you need to resize the images because your theme doesn't automatically do it for you, first you need to find out what the width of your sidebar is. If you don't know what the exact width is, just guess. I'm going to guess it's 250-300. So you'd make the code like this:

how to fix your sidebar

Again the code is in the Google Doc above. You can copy and paste directly from there.

If you know the width you want and don't know how to keep the height proportionate, go back into PicMonkey, click on RESIZE, and add in JUST the width. It will automatically choose the appropriate height.

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