Top 7 Worst Christmas Gifts Ever

worst christmas gifts ever
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Fellas, unless your wife specifically asks for it, do not get her anything related to cleaning, or weight loss. While that vacuum might seem extra snazzy, no matter how pretty you wrap it, it won't end well. Unless, of course, you like cleaning equipment shoved up your ass.

Ladies, unless your husband specifically asks for hair growth pills, or any other gift that might enhance his body, just don't do it. Baaaaad idea.

Here are 7 other gifts you probably shouldn't give.

Top 7 Worst Christmas Gifts Ever

worst christmas gifts ever

7. Therasage Portable Infrared Sauna – FREE Shipping!

Wow! Save $55.00! It's ONLY $545.00! I don't know how I will ever contain myself.

Worst Christmas Gifts Ever

6. Cat Butt Magnet Set

For $9.69 you can give someone butts. Sweet! So maybe, just maybe, if you know someone with a really messed up and twisted sense of humor (like myself), this could be considered a good gift. I think it's one I'd like to give to someone that really hates cats. Double Whammy!

Worst Christmas Gifts Ever

5. Fruit Cake

This should really be number 1, and needs no explanation. YUCK! I'd rather receive an inflatable fruitcake.

worst christmas gifts ever

4. Evergreen Garden Squirrel

This just makes me go WTF?! I think maybe he would make a good Guard Squirrel – ya know, in case you don't have a Guard Dog.

Worst Christmas Gifts Ever

3. Sweaters, of any type. Unless it's this Ugly Christmas Hanukkah Sweater for $64.95!

My mother-in-law gets me a sweater every year, so maybe that is where the hostility comes from, but I. Hate. Sweaters! Don't give a sweater as a gift unless it is on their wish list. It's just cruel! Awful! Horrible! Don't do it!

Worst Christmas Gifts Ever

2. Relationships For Dummies

For only $14.55, plus the cost of some wrapping paper, you could ruin your entire relationship! Guess that's a cheap way to get rid of a guy that just doesn't get the hint?


Saved the best for last!!

Worst Christmas Gifts Ever

1. The Brief Safe Hidden Contents Travel Passport Wallet

You can't make this stuff up:

“Leave the “Brief Safe” in your laundry basket or washing machine at home, or in your suitcase in a hotel room – even the most hardened burglar or curious snoop will skid to a screeching halt as soon as they see these.”

Don't give me that, “It's the thought that counts” crap! What is THE WORST gift you've ever received?

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  1. Too funny! I didn’t even know those stupid things existed! lol
    Worst gift I ever received had to be… my grandma’s extra Avon make-up. NOT because it is Avon, but because I do NOT and NEVER have worn make-up!! Or clothes from other relative that are OBVIOUSLY not going to fit me!! I have quite the big sisters, so obviously a size small or medium is NOT going to fit someone who has had 3 children, plenty of baby weight left and size DD sisters!!! lol

  2. I like the fat squirrel too – especially if he is designed to hide a key under! I joke! Sweaters are not bad here in Alaska – you can send me the one your MIL gives you. :-) I continue to joke. Seriously, the worst gift I ever got? I don’t think I’ve had a gift in quite a few years. Oh last year in a gift exchange I got a Husband Remote Controller. It was a gag gift so I guess that was ok but since I haven’t had a gift in quite a few years I was hoping for something nice instead of a gag. Oh WELL!

  3. This was seriously 20 years ago and I was in high school. My boyfriend’s mom decided it was a great idea to give me decorative button covers for button down shirts. I was 16 and only wore t-shirts! It was the worst gift I ever received.

  4. Ohhh goodness. The brief safe is the worst! Lol.

    I think the worst gift I’ve ever received was a Hello Kitty blanket from my hubby’s step-dad’s parents. The blanket is comfy, but it was one of those $10 blankets. My daughter got an $80 toy and hubby got a $100 gift certificate… it was very obvious they didn’t want to spend that kind of money on me lol.

  5. Maybe I’m abnormal, (who am I kidding, maybe!) But I loved it when my hub got me a Dyson for Christmas! So beat the year he got me Crocs.

  6. I was pissed one year to receive a set of ktichen knives….I was like, __ohhhkay, go stand against the wall so I can practice throwing them. I had no desire to receive a set of knives!

  7. the only thing i would like are sweaters….but good ones. no sweaters from the husband though. he has rotten taste when it comes to fashion lol

  8. Our 2nd Christmas, Hubby was deployed for the 1st one, he got me an air purifier. He thought it was a great gift… Even his dad was like, maybe you should get her something else.

  9. The squirrel is awesome! Brief Safe is hilarious & Gross! The comments are also awesome thanks for sharing your awesome stories! So far the worst gift would be last year at a family function we did a pass the present thing where everyone brought a $25 gift. I brought a movie package with popcorn bucket, popcorn, candy and a $20 Gift Card to the movies. My boyfriend got a portable charging station that you can plug into your car, my mom got a video camera, my sister got a gift card and me….! I got a luggage scale! I have been on a plane once in my entire life! And no need for it! Needless to say epic disappointment especially when the two lottery tickets that came with it were losers! I’m bringing an MP4 player and headphones to this year’s function!! If I get another crappy gift EVERYONE is in trouble! LOL!

  10. The worst gift I was ever given was when I was 12. I usually can like any gift, but this was beyond my coping. I hated green of any shade then, I was given a green football sweatshirt (yeah never been into football), and I was a 12 yr old girl. No one in my family likes football. It was 1 size too small, and my aunt told me you weren’t supposed to be able to raise your arms in it. I was thinking it was a sweatshirt, and supposed to be comfy. I gave it to my younger boy cousin as soon as we got home. My aunt saw it on him, and I couldn’t even pretend I was like, I couldn’t stand it so I gave it to him. My Uncle nearly choked laughing so hard. I was always the sweet innocent kid.

  11. Disagree with number 5 the fruit cake. My mother loves fruit cakes and loves when I get her one for christmas.

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