Why I Think It’s Okay to Steal… Family Moments #sharewhatsgood @welchs

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I do think it's okay to steal… family moments, that is! I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Welch's. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating. Welch's does not condone stealing. Nor does Mom Central. Unless we're still talking about family moments. Then it's okay. ;)


I posted on Facebook the other day about how I hate talking at the kitchen table. I know that it's a favorite American past time to come home from work and school, and sit around the dinner table while chatting about your day. However, our house is always SO LOUD that I just need a few moments of quiet. For me, it's at the dinner table. Because we miss out on those ‘special moments' at the dinner table, we make up for them throughout the rest of the day!


The girls and I go to the park every morning before school (assuming their behavior is on point – we have missed a few visits), and spend an hour talking, playing, and running around. Not only do we get quality time together, we get physical activity which is sorely lacking in so many households these days!


Last time we visited the park, I brought my camera and stole some candid photos of our family moment. Because I was behind the camera, I only got a photo of the girls – not all of us together – but they're still precious nonetheless.


Before you ask, Nell isn't in the photos because she goes to school at 6:30. The two younger ones go at 8:30, so that is why we have the extra time for the park. Nell gets home at 2:30, though, so we have an hour together to chat (about boys, ugh), catch up, and work on homework together before the craziness of a full house takes over at 4:30.

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One more question… do you guys talk at the dinner table? Or does it drive you nuts, too? :)

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  1. It’s lovely to have some family time – I don’t know how your eldest manages to go to school at 6am I was lucky if I was out of bed at half 8 ready for school at 9 lol. x

    1. She LOVES to sleep in so I thought I was going to have to drag her out of bed, but I say “time to get up” and she’s up! It’s insane. So thankful! lol

  2. What precious moments those are that you are able to spend with your girls. I can’t really imagine a totally quiet dinner table–while we were not loud (I was an only child) we definitely discussed things then.

  3. We love talking at the dinner table. Sometimes we talk about sports, sometimes about local events, and sometimes about national news. Sometimes it’s just about something that happened at work or school and sometimes we just joke around and talk silly. Either way it’s the main time we communicate as a family and I love it. I do like my quiet time though, which is why sometimes I skip out on doing overtime so I can enjoy a few more minutes of alone time. :)

  4. We do talk at the dinner table. That is, when we all find the time to eat together. I feel like I have to steal moments with my children too, because we are all so busy most of the time!

  5. That is awesome that you are able to spend an hour in the park in the mornings. And stealing family moments is always good!

  6. WOw, what a good mom! I couldn’t be dragged out to a park that early in the morning. lol. Love the shots! we make time for fun time at home after school though, so we have lots of great moments that are great in our family.

    1. It’s something I had to force myself to do lol. I hate waking up early. :( But I usually get a little exercise in, so that’s what pushes me. Don’t tell the kids that.. :)

  7. I love to sit at the table and chat with the kids. Hubby’s not big on it at all, so he eats wherever and me and the kids sit at the table every night. :)

  8. I just love those moments as well. Now that they are teens, most of the time these stolen moments seem to be in the car on the way to and from someplace. But I will take them wherever and whenever I can!

  9. Looks like a great way to start the day. I think if I did this with my 3 year old he wouldn’t leave the park! But he’s 3

  10. i try to do the whole family photo thing but no one wants their picture taken and it’s pretty much just a waste of time, which kinda translates into my blog being sucktastic xD oh well. you’re lucky your family doesn’t mind. wish mine was that awesome.

  11. A rule in my house is we always sit for supper together, Asking about each others day and how they are feeling has become routine which is nice :) When I read this post a while back, it made me appreciate my morning just a lil bit more with my munchkins before they leave for school! :)

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