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I'm a Mom, and I'm in college. My official major is Mortuary Science, but because of Mom responsibilities, I won't be able to complete the program until the kids are a little older. I didn't realize how vigorous the program was (40ish hours each week, in person), but it's just like having a full-time – ehem, non-paying – job. Because of that, I'm taking other courses that will help prepare me for a funeral career should I ever choose to embark on it. In this sponsored post on behalf of Procter & Gamble, we're going to chat about how to survive college … as a Mom!

Survival Tips for College Moms P&G CollegeSpeak

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Back to School Survival Tips for College Moms

College as a Mom is so much different than college as a 20something. The big question is, how do you balance it all? Life, school, kids, work, attempting to have a social life… it can be super overwhelming.

1. Don't be afraid to ask for help. I don't like asking for help, and I'm sure many moms feel the same way. When you're trying to juggle college on top of everything else, though, sometimes it's necessary.

2. Hold back. I don't mean hold back in the sense of getting Cs instead of As. What I mean is that all of the course options you're given can be exciting and you'll want to take ALL of the classes. The thing is, it's easy to get overloaded with coursework even when you're taking entry level classes. Keeping your course load around 12 credits (or less) is ideal.

Even if you really want to take an extra class, try starting off with 3-4 classes instead. If that goes well, take another the next semester. There's nothing worse than having to drop classes – or fail them because you couldn't handle it all.

You've gotta make sure you can pull some ALLDAYERS if you're going to take on a full course load. For those of you that don't yet speak “CollegeSpeak”, an “alldayer” is when you responsibly get through the day without taking a nap. I haven't pulled one of those in a long time.

collegespeak p&g

3. Buddy up. If you can make a mom friend or two in your college classes, that's gold! While I do have a few mom friends that are going to college, none of us are taking the same classes so it doesn't really work as well when we get together to study. If you have friends that are taking the same classes, you can study, swap notes, and help each other prepare for tests.

4. Hire a sitter. Stay at home moms have a tough time with this one, and if you aren't making a whole lot of money right now I can definitely agree that a sitter is a luxury rather than a necessity.

I'm fortunate because Rachel takes care of the kids while I go to the coffee shop or wherever I need to go to study without interruptions. If you don't have a spouse that's home to watch the kids, consider hiring a Mother's Helper or teenager to come to your house to supervise the kiddos while you get your study on.

5. Try family homework time. This might not be possible if you're taking advanced classes, or if you have younger children, but I find that having a specific homework time for everyone can be fun. Most of the time, I work and do homework after the girls are in bed. Sometimes, though, we'll all sit at the table together and work on our homework individually. It's quiet, so I can concentrate, but I'm there if they need me.

To be completely honest, helping Sapphire with homework stresses me out. I try to make sure she is just reading a book or practicing her handwriting during family homework time. Anything else is just too much for me to handle while I'm working on my own homework. Don't feel bad if you can't deal with family homework time. Take that time to copy notes or do some “light” reading instead of the hard core stuff.

6. Consider online courses. I like to do a mix of online courses and on-campus courses, mostly because I'll take any reason at all to get out of the house. Balance is also important, though, which is why I don't take all on-campus courses. Adding online courses into the mix will free up some of your time. That's not to say that online courses are easier, because they aren't! I just like mixing it up.

7. Take care of yourself. A little bit of pampering goes a long way. Pampering before I was a mom, and pampering now that I am a mom, are completely different. Right now, I'm feeling pampered because I bought some Crest 3D White Arctic Fresh Toothpaste and a Gillette Venus Swirl Razor!

p&g collegespeak


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  1. We do family homework. I only have one in school right now, but everyone else is learning early.

  2. Legday :) The same day I shave my legs. Even my kiddo knows I wear my shorts on Legday and Capris after that.

  3. I like the ALLDAYER meaning but I would go with ALLWEEKER meaning trying to get through a whole week without a nap or two or three

  4. Today was an alldayer for me. I love my weekend naps but errands and laundry got in the way.

  5. I think my favorite would have to be the ALLDAYER. It seems to be my default state lately!

  6. I like Hairapy:The action of washing your hair and getting a fresh start. With it being so hot and humid I love going to bed with a clean hair.

  7. ALLDAYER (n): When you responsibly get through the day without even a nap. these are the best days ever!

  8. I’m an ALLDAYER even when I’m begging for a nap!

  9. I WOULD SAY ALLDAYER (n): When you responsibly get through the day without even a nap. I CAN’T EVEN REMEMBER THAT LAST TIME I TOOK A NAP SO EVERYDAY IS AN ALLDAYER :)

  10. I pull ALLDAYERs a lot! I definitely could use that nap but the house certainly doesn’t clean itself and babu doesn’t help much! So it’s an ALLDAYER For me!

  11. I just recently graduated from College as a mother of 2. I would say Alldayer is very true.

  12. I have to agree with this one…lol MOMCLEAN (a): Clean like it came right from your mom’s washer
    My friends son just started college last week and already drove 2 1/2 hours so his mom could do the laundry

  13. I love alldayer! I try to nap when I can but feel much more energy when I don’t; )

  14. Love Alldayer – not only have to be a multi-tasker, but make it thru the day!!~

  15. ALLDAYER (n): When you responsibly get through the day without even a nap because it would be so nice to take a nap everyday. oh how a i remember those college days

  16. i practice the art of ALLDAYER every single day unless i am really ill. lol

  17. I love ALLDAYER (n): When you responsibly get through the day without even a nap! I always say this when i work at night and then go fishing all day. I often do an Alldayer just to get some fishing done.

  18. I like Alldayer. I became an alldayer when I became a mom ;)

  19. I think out of the examples in the post the one that applies to me best is Alldayer.

  20. I think my new word is going to be ALLDAYER! Pretty soon it’s back to school and schedules will get crazy so I will have to adult more LOL

  21. Huh?

    Share your favorite #CollegeSpeak term and how you use it in your life!
    • MOMCLEAN (a): Clean like it came right from your mom’s washer • SPEAKYCLEAN (a): So shiny you have to say something about it • HAIRAPY (v): The action of washing your hair and getting a fresh start • LEGDAY (n): A great day for showing off those legs • FRESHZEN (n): A student who is completely focused on fresh • ALLDAYER (n): When you responsibly get through the day without even a nap

  22. My favorite #CollegeSpeak term is alldayer, although it doesn’t always happen here.

  23. I like the SPEAKYCLEAN (a): So shiny you have to say something about it

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