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Ready for Halloween yet? We sure are! Halloween is our favorite holiday! So, let's get to it. The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland is full of awesome. Getting this Queen of Hearts Makeup Look is super simple. I helped Nell a little bit with this one because of the lines, but overall I think she did really well!

Queen of Hearts Makeup Tutorial

Queen of Hearts Makeup Tutorial

This makeup tutorial is very simple to do. The hardest part for us was getting the eyeliner in a straight line, and getting it dark enough. You might have to cover the lines several times to get them black.

You'll need:

card for outline
Eyeliner roll on
White makeup
Red lip or eye liner
red eye shadow


We used a card from a regular deck of cards to make our outline. If you're doing this makeup look on a small child, you might want to make your own card a bit smaller.

Queen of Hearts Makeup

Outline the card with black eyeliner. Fill in with white makeup (we used Manic Panic Goth). Go over the black lines again after filling in with the white makeup.

Queen of Hearts Makeup Tutorial

Add a Q up in the right corner, and an upside-down Q in the bottom left corner. Draw a heart right below the eye.


Color in the heart with the red lip liner, and add two more (one under/above the Qs). Outline the hearts with the black eyeliner again. Add eyeliner to the eyelid (as you would with a normal makeup look, but a bit heavier), then shade in with red eye shadow. Load up on the mascara.

For the lips, simply make a heart outline with the black eyeliner, and fill in with the red lip liner.

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Queen of Hearts Makeup Tutorial

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  1. Seriously – this is amazing. Like, crazy amazing. I can barely put in eyeliner most days, so I’m amazed at this :) Super cute!!

  2. This is a great tutorial. Good even for face painting at the harvest festival that our school will have. I will be an amazing hit because this will probably be the only thing I can paint well after going through this tutorial and practicing on my kids!

  3. I adore this! I’m not even close to being prepared for Halloween. Thank goodness for all these ideas I’m getting! You’re daughter is so cute by the way!

  4. Sadie you might want to add that you have to be careful with the black eyeliner on the lips because most eye products are not food grade safe! Just don’t want any kids getting sick out there!!!

  5. Love this im horrible at putting makeup on the kids – they move to much but this looks easy enuff

  6. I love how simple this seems we have a few parties coming up I may have to give this a shot t hanks for the step my step

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