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So, it’s August! Summer is almost over BUT did you get that “beach bod” you wanted? Probably not… haha, I didn’t either. Just because hoodie season is right around the corner doesn’t mean you can’t stop working towards a healthier you. What are some reasons for not achieving your summer goals? Do you suffer from summer stresses regarding fitness and health? This post is sponsored by Planet Fitness, so let's talk about stress, fitness, health, and … the gym.

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness released a Summer Survey on June 23rd that said 33% of Americans rather go to the dentist than to the gym, and that 46% suffer from “gymtimidation”. Do you fall into these percentages? I hate the dentist a little more than I hate walking into a gym. The gym is fun for me but the anxiety beforehand is not.

If you find yourself agreeing with the summer survey, then you will love to hear this:

One day only — August 15th, Planet Fitness is offering a special One-Day Membership for new members. New members will be able to join one of their 1,100 locations online for just $1 down, $10 a month, with no commitment Planet Fitness is the home of the Judgement Free Zone®, a non intimidating, no hassle, welcoming environment for those that fear the gym. They focus mainly on first time gym users or the average gym users versus the fitness fanatic type.

Planet Fitness 1 Day, $1 Down

The great thing about picking Planet Fitness is that many of the locations offer 24 hour access to fit your ever growing schedule. They have friendly and helpful staff, large lockers, and you have unlimited access to the gym during the month. They also offer an online community called Planet of Triumphs that you can access with your membership and meet others that offer goals, encouragement, and their triumphs. This is perfect for those that need an accountability partner.

planet fitness

Speaking of accountability partner… Planet Fitness is also running a sale on their Planet Fitness Black Card membership on August 15th. For $1 down, and $19.99 a month, you receive additional amenities such as the ability to bring a guest everyday that you work out, access to ALL 1,100 locations, use of their massage chairs and beds, and much more. If you are really wanting to get serious about your health and fitness, this is an amazing deal. Just think, if you go on vacation; you can still work out at any location.

Planet Fitness Sale

Don’t let “GYMTIMIDATION” get to you! Find your local Planet Fitness, check it out in person, get comfortable, and DON’T miss out on the August 15th sale!

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  1. I wish there was one in Surprise. We are definitely going to be moving to some place near a Planet Fitness!

  2. I love planet fitness. Just got back from my work out I use the trainer when I can. Love that place and doesn’t break the bank

  3. I am totally one of those people that had gymtimidation. I feel like everyone is judging me for being overweight, even though that’s why I’m there lol! But I would never pick the dentist over the gym. No way, José.

  4. And for $20+tax per month you get access to their awesome hydromassage machine. WORTH IT. Other stuff, too, but mostly the hydromassage. ;)

  5. I have heard great things about this place. While I don’t have one near me, I have family in other locations that speak highly of it.

  6. I must check this out, thanks!!!!!

  7. We don’t have a location near us

  8. I am looking into joing but need to call them and see if my 11 year old can come with me. Now that she is home schooling I want us both to get active, plus it will go towards her Gym class.

  9. I would join if we had one here! I’ve heard tons of good stuff about them.

  10. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now since there is one right on the way home from work!

  11. The pricepoint and 24 hour locations are quite the selling point. Will definitely be looking into planet fitness once i get some of my other healthbissues worked out.

  12. I love Planet Fitness! I’ve been a member since ours opened. It’s the best deal around for a great workout place and tons of features that make it amazing. I love being able to take my daughter with me to get her miles in for the week during XC and track. Plus, the hydromassage is where it’s at. Love that!

  13. I feel so awkward every single time I go to the gym or a Zumba class. I feel anxious and sick to my stomach and like all eyes are on me judging me.

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