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Ow!! My Aching… Vagina?

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So I did something stupid this morning. Well, actually the stupid part was last week. I signed up for a Spin Class.

For those of you that aren't stupid awesome enough to attend Spin classes, they are insane. I had only heard of them in the context of “Only crazy people attempt spin”.

I was so nervous this morning. I was like NO.. I can't do this. I never say I can't do something, but today it was fitting. I knew I could not do a spin class. But I already signed up, and I'm no quitter.

So I went to Spin class this morning.

Not sure what the hell I was thinking, but I went. The bike is so confusing, I couldn't even figure out how to get on the darn thing, but the instructor was cool and helped me. She kept warning me, “Just go at your own pace. Just sit down and pedal if you have to.” As I look around the room and examine all the size 5s in the room, here I am in my size 20 glory. I get my fat ass up on the bike and


The seat is hard! And so small! My big ass was hanging off every which way. I was like am I really doing this?? But, I was. So I got situated and started to warm up. After about 5 minutes, my butt was on fire. My vag was on fire. My entire body was on fire. I kept thinking, “Oh please let us stand up.. come on let us stand up on the bikes!”.

My wish was granted! A few minutes later, she told us to hop on up and PUSH! (Though she kept saying “PSHHHHH” which drove me nuts!) As soon as I hopped up, I thought “Oh crap, let me sit back down.. no wait, that hurts.. um.. let me out of herrrrree!!!”

Here I am, 250lbs, double triple the size of these girls. And the instructor of course is smiling and bouncing along. I wanted to stab her.

There was one clock and it was far away so I could barely see it, but in the mirror it looked like it was 9:40. I was like WOAH.. I made it 40 minutes? Soon, though, I realized I was looking in a mirror and it was really 9:20.


Then the instructor tells us to do some cool down moves. I'm like wait.. cool down? SCORE!! It's only a 30 minute class? How did I not know that?? HAPPY DANCE!!

Then she goes “UP UP UP! PSHHHH PSHHHHH!”

Wait… whatttttt?? Ah crap. It's really an hour long class. Here goes nothin'!!

My butt hurt.

My lady parts burned.

My feet were cramping because of the weird contraptions they have you put them in.

I. Wanted. To. Die.

But I'm no quitter. I survived that entire 55 minute Spin class and signed up for another one this Friday!

So, if you're wondering if you should try a Spin class, the answer is definitely a big fat YES! It burns so many calories, it's FUN – especially when the instructor is screaming “PSHHHHH!” – and you won't regret it!

Have you tried any hard core classes that you thought were going to kill you? How'd you survive? :)

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  1. Hahahahahahahaha Love this…when I finally get a gym membership…I will sign up for a spin class because of this post right here :)

  2. I’m so glad you wrote this! I’ve really been wondering about spin classes. It’s only recently that I got up the nerve to try Zumba. That’s it. I’m going for it. :X

  3. Oh my! My thoughts went to so many places when I read the title of this post. LOL! Don’t think I will be attending a spin class anytime soon. Maybe you should take a warm bath. Feel better!

  4. OH and my boobs hurt too!!!

    For those that don’t know, SPIN is bicycling on a stationary bike (or is it stationery? whatever lol). But it’s nuts!!!

    1. I know about the female anatomy, but it’s much easier to type “vag” or “vagina” than all those other terms, considering every part of me down there hurts and feels bruised. :) But thanks so much for the anatomy lesson, “Oyevay j”.

  5. Just browsing your archives and stumbled on this. Hahaha, my friends call it crotch of fire. :) BUT…I love spinning. Spinning is the one thing aside form boxing, that I just love love love and thankfully, it’s the one thing I can do with my crappy joints and arthritis,. In fact, it’s helped me become so much stronger I’ve stopped thinking “I can’t do this” and now think “oh, I’ll at least try this”. I started over six years ago on a challenge by some couple I met in my boxing class. I don’t even remember their names, didn’t see them ever again, but I fell in love with Spinning. Riding a bike around here scares the crap outta me, but inside, no problem. I prefer the climbs, or hill rides, as I love feeling my thighs burn as apposed to my ankles and knees all wobbly when out of the saddle, but I give it all a shot. After you’ve done sprints to “Devil Went Down to Georgia” or “Riverdance” haha, you can do anything. Shoot, even my ten year daughter likes spin (has been doing it since she could reach the peddles at 8).

    Anyhow, had to laugh when I read this. I took a break from Spin this last Summer and when I went back the first week was a serious case of crotch on fire.

  6. I’m so glad I read this. I thought I did something wrong because my vagina hurts lol. Today was my first spinning class and you better believe I’m going back next week. The vag pain is very minimal, and I here it goes away aftet 4 or 5 classes.

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