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I have seen a few dozen posts this morning, talking about “what's your word for 2017?”. For weeks I've tried to come up with a word, but it's just not happening. A

Let's try it anyway. My mantra is “work less make more”.

Work? No, not a good word for 2017.

Less? Sure, but I want to make more, so no.

Make? Uh.

More? Yeah! But.. I want to work less.

I have ADD. I need a word each week (or day or hour). Coming up with a word for the whole year is stressing me out!

I love the power behind the word “slay”, but it's so overused it's ruined for me. Slay will not be my 2017 word.

Same with hustle. I love the word but it doesn't really cover everything I want for my 2017.

I'm struggling, guys. I just can't sum my goals up in one word. It's tough enough to break it down to a sentence!

My goal is to come up with a 2017 word… just give me a few.

What's your word for 2017?

Sadie Mae is an LGBT Lifestyle blogger living in Arizona with her three daughters. Her passions including traveling, healthy living, and teaching women how to work from home so they can spend more time with their kids.


  1. Last year was the first time I chose a word so I chose believe. Which I used in everything I did. So I grew so I thought that would be perfect for this year but it didn’t encompass all I want to accomplish so I chose Soar. As it’s what I want to do this year.

  2. I have been thinking about this as well a lot recently. There is so much growth I want to see for myself. And so much healing. I been through the ringer emotionally for the past 2.5 years. And there’s so much I want to accomplish this year. I am thinking, accomplishment, growth and healing are going to be my words.

  3. Commit. I want to commit to the goals I set for myself last year, and let slide. I want to commit to working less while making more. I want to commit to travelling the summer away, not working it. Commitment has always been my hardest obstacle, but no more. My 2017 word is commit!

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